Skins Peddle Skin


This cartoon was published last Friday, May  4, in The Costa Rica Star.

The Washington Redskins are disgusting. First off, they have a racist name. They totally suck. They let their star quarterback sign with Minnesota in free agency. Now, they’re pimping their cheerleaders. You would think a scandal like this would have happened in the Lingerie League. Yes. There’s a league where women play football in their panties.

What the Redskins did in this particular escapade was take a bunch of their cheerleaders to Costa Rica for a photo shoot. Some women were required to pose nude with body paint on them. For a model, this may not be a problem except that the organization allowed spectators to watch the shoot. It’s very unprofessional to bring in gawkers and treat people like eye candy. But it gets worse.

After the shoot was over and the women thought the ordeal completed, and they could enjoy their evening, a few of them were told they were required to escort. Do what now? Escort? What does this mean?

It doesn’t mean they were prostituted. It means they were made to accompany men, VIP ticket holders, out for a night on the town. It made the VIP douches look and feel important and cool by having a cheerleader on their arm. Look at me. I smell terrific. The women said they felt they didn’t have a choice.

The Redskins organization issued a statement saying they respect women, have created a safe work environment, blah, blah, blah, but they’ve heard contradictory versions of the event. Yeah, sure. I guess it’s possible your employees went to Costa Rica and just created the story.  But then again, this is an organization that can’t see how a big red Native American adorned with feathers on their helmets with the name “Redskins” can be considered racist or offensive, so how can we expect them to know what a pimp looks like?

Creative notes: This is the first cartoon I’ve drawn for Costa Rica that I didn’t let them kill. They didn’t try to kill it, but I told them I was doing it. I knew it would be good for them to cover an issue that occurred in Costa Rica that would be of significant interest to a lot of U.S. readers. I even promised to send it to my clients and get it some reprints here, which it did.

Here’s the video.

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  1. Hey! I wouldn’t knock those lingerie-wearing players, nor would I say – nor even imply – that they might be escorts. They could kick your a** with both hands tied behind their backs.

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