Barbara Bush


I know. I made fun of Trump’s inability to read a week ago, but he hasn’t learned since, so I’m doing it again.

Full disclosure, because I’m not Sean Hannity; I have done work for the Barbara Bush Foundation which advances literacy. And, yes. They paid me. It was non-political and it promoted literacy.

I felt I needed to do something on Barbara Bush’s passing as most of my clients would want it. I didn’t want to do a typical obituary cartoon of the pearly gates. I thought of the contrast of how we used to treat First Ladies, and how we treat them now. Even when presidents had low approval ratings, their wives usually remained popular. Then, Hillary Clinton came along and Republicans spent over twenty years portraying her as a vile human being who didn’t know her place, was corrupt and wanted to chain all of us to socialism. Republicans even had issues with Michelle Obama encouraging children to eat healthier…and she was black. How dare she. Now, we have Melania Trump who some liberals and Democrats love to remind everyone that she did some soft-core nude modeling. For the first time in American history, we have seen the First Lady’s nipples (we didn’t see Jackie’s until after she left the White House). Melania’s largest fault is that she claims she’s on a campaign against cyberbullies while she remains silent about the cyberbully she married.

Sometimes when a First Lady takes on an issue she’s criticized that it’s soft or not very important. But, Barbara Bush was proven correct that literacy is important. Today, Republicans accuse their opponents of being intellectuals, like that’s a bad thing, while doing everything they can to destroy America’s education system. And now, they’ve actually given us a president who can’t read.

I drew this cartoon pretty quick and told my clients a Barbara Bush cartoon was coming this morning. This probably is not what they expected. But, eh. I’m a jerk.

Here’s the video.

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  1. “I drew this cartoon pretty quick and told my clients a Barbara Bush cartoon was coming this morning. This probably is not what they expected. But, eh. I’m a jerk.”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, Clay.
    I’m sure Barbara a Bush would have loved it.

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  2. For what it’s worth, I distinctly recall Nancy Reagan being routinely ridiculed. Her “Just say no!” campaign and her astrologers as two things for which she was publicly teased. Not nearly as harsh as what Clinton endured, granted.

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