Black Panther


Conservatives are easily triggered. Black president? Triggered. Black people protesting against police brutality? Triggered. Black History Month? Triggered. Black superhero movie? Oh hell yeah.

Ben Shapiro, the editor of the right-wing site Daily Wire, has his tighty-whities in a bunch over Black Panther, the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, if you’re a geek).

Shapiro doesn’t understand why Blade, starring Wesley Snipes, or Catwoman, starring Halle Berry, wasn’t enough for black people. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Action Jackson, or B-movie blaxploitation films, like Shaft (a bad mother…), or even Blackula.

Black Panther is a pretty big deal, not just for black people, but for reality. While it is a fictional story about a fictional person in a fictional country, it points out the reality that black people throughout the world aren’t just a part of society, but are major contributors to humanity. It’s also the first major studio film with a predominantly black cast and a black production team.

Shapiro tried sarcasm and humor, but those aren’t traits conservatives possess. He wrote, “We’ve heard it’s deeply important to millions of black Americans, who, after all, were not liberated from slavery 200 years ago, and liberated by the civil rights movement with federal legislation, and have not been gradually restored to what always should have been full civil rights in the United States. None of that has mattered up until they made a Marvel movie about a superhero, who is black, in a country filled with black people.”

He added, “This is the most important moment in black American history, not Martin Luther King, not Frederick Douglass, not the Civil War, not the end of Jim Crow, none of that.” He even pulled Obama into it with, “When Obama was president, we were told it meant everything. And then, it turns out, it didn’t mean anything because we needed Chadwick Boseman to somehow make sure that black people felt accepted in American society, because a bunch of white executives at Marvel green-lit a film about black people in a fictional country in Africa.

Quite frankly, I’m kinda surprised he didn’t refer to Wakanda as a shithole country (thinking of that made me add it to the cartoon…after I had already sent it to my clients).

I think the problem here is that these people have a problem with black people feeling accepted in this country. But then again, this is a country that was upset a couple years ago over a Cheerios commercial that featured an interracial couple. It’s also the nation that elected Donald Trump.

This is pretty cool though. Now children can see portraits of a president and a first lady who looks like them. Some white people are upset they only get 43 out of 44.

Now, children can watch a superhero that looks like them, save the world, and soon, fight alongside Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk. Why can’t black kids geek out as much as white kids? Or in my case, white adults?

In the past, the best black society could find representing them in a major release was the cool sidekick, like Lando Calrissian. Lando was smooth, in charge of a cloud city, and wore a cape. He was vital enough to blow up the second Death Star, but not important enough to get his own Wookie. He had to settle for some space fish boy as his co-pilot.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Black Panther. I have high expectations (some MCU movies are great while others are mere mehs).

After attacking the movie, the Shapiro’s Daily Wire claimed Black Panther is actually a conservative movie. Other people are using it to stoke racial violence by making false claims of racial violence. White racists have taken to Twitter to claim they’ve been attacked by African-Americans while attending the movie. Seriously. I’m shocked they didn’t claim they were beaten up by little girls while viewing Wonder Woman.

Conservatives aren’t happy with diversity. They accuse people protesting police violence of being terrorists. They want black athletes protesting during the national anthem to shut up (which is actually how they are protesting).

Maybe conservatives, these people who tried to delegitimize our first black president, should try shutting up. Buy some popcorn and check out the movie.

Just don’t sit next to me.

Here’s the video. Please subscribe.

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  1. Assuming kids need Heroes that look exactly like them in order to geek out, is a little prejudiced. And all those other movies, like blade, or worth bringing up because this movie was billed as the first black comic book movie, and it just isn’t so. That’s the reason those other movies get brought up, because this is billed as something it’s not. From the sounds of it it’s a good movie, the first black superhero movie it is not. That’s the claim Shapiro’s responding to you. And I also seem to recall him saying it was a pretty good Marvel movie. I think you’re the one making it more about race, and Republicans like Shapiro commentate on that aspect of it because the creators of the movie, and the families of it, has made that such a strong element of it. Not of the actual film itself, but how the public in their minds is supposed to see that film, they don’t get to decide that, the audience gets to. the insistence that it be received in a certain way by the public is what people like Shapiro or criticizing, and rightfully so. And I guess you must not have caught Shapiro’s commentary on Trump’s alleged shithole remarks. He wasn’t a fan. But I guess when you’re creating a caricature to criticize, that makes it easier cuz then you don’t have to worry about criticizing actual persons or ideas in play. You can just make it up, so that it’s easier to criticize, mischaracterize it, so that it’s easier to criticize.


      1. @ randumbthoughts2017: No, I don’t enjoy getting insulted all the time tbh, but I’ve learned to take in in stride, and I would guess folks like you (condescending, dismissive) are part of the reason that’s such a normal thing these days, uncivil discourse and mindless dismissal of opposing views via the practice of neo-McCarthyism (I express views you disagree with, you peg me as a troll and give yourself permission to dismiss everything I or anyone else might say as the unimportant rantings of a troll, not worth listening to). And you’re not alone as a practitioner of that; Adam Schiff and Diane Feinstein have insisted, ever since we demanded congress release the 1st FISA Memo (and I want EVERYTHING about that stuff published, from any and all sides, I want more transparency, that has nothing to do with party affiliation, in voting for Trump a lot of us voted against the DNC AND the GOP establishment) that I and literally a few hundred thousand Americans are Russian bots because we used the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo at the time. Both are representatives of California, both are Democrats, and both have branded everyone who called for the memo releases (and who continue to call for more transparency overall) as “Russian bots”, and urged Facebook and Twitter to “investigate” them and look into it. They rep. CA, well I LIVE in CA. They’re literally calling their very own constituents, in their very own state, “Russian bots”. And you know, that irks me a lot more than you or anyone on the net calling me that. This is social media, blogging, etc, this is the wahy the internet is, it’s par for the course, idc. But I and many others have also had to put up with actual elected government officials pointing to a group of people, saying “those are all Russian bots” because what we’re calling for, saying, and want is MASSIVELY inconvenient for the DNC (if you’ve been engaged in corruption, transparency ain’t exactly in your favor, is it). But whoever says it, the fact remains: I’m not in Russia, and and of the many things (in terms of ethnic lineage) that I am, Russian isn’t on the list. I have Scottish blood, Chinese, Mexican, Irish, German, Cherokee, and a few other things, but no Russia in my family tree as far as I know. Not that you actually care, I’m sure; just fyi 😉 .


  2. Well, it appears that, like Facebook, Twitter, and scores of other Social Media Sites, WordPress has become infested by Russian Trolls. I (mistakenly) checked out “Jack Sutter”’s Blog (not recommended) in WordPress and while it doesn’t APPEAR to be a Fire-Breathing Alt-Site (didn’t dig too deeply in the BS) The Troll did come up with a “Very Clever Piece” of crap about Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head and therefore could not possibly make an Intelligent Case for sensible gun control because she was SHOT IN THE HEAD. You Know, Brain Damage and all that.
    Just like the student survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School could not possibly be Reasonable Advocates for Sensible Gun Control because they were Hysterical from seeing their friends die and nearly being killed themselves.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yeah, everybody who disagrees with you is a Russian bot, aren’t they. Couldn’t be that we just think for ourselves as individuals, and happened to come to different conclusions than you. Couldn’t be that they’re actually reasons you might find worth exploring as to how those conclusions were reached. Couldn’t be anything like that at all, could it.


  3. “And how come there’s a Black History Month? And a Women’s History Month? When’s a month for White Men’s History, huh? When do WE get some attention, huh?”

    That would be the other ten months, as well as substantial chunks of February and March. Sit down and STFU for once in your life.

    Dang, some people must avoid art museums because the stuff in there is different colors.

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