Wacky Republicans


It seems each new day brings us a revelation of sexual harassment, transgressions, or weird sex stuff of someone prominent. The latest revealed that Texas’ longest serving Congressman, Republican Joe Barton, was having an affair while separated from his wife. He says the sex was consensual, and they only did it twice over five years. Hey, twice in five years is probably pretty good for a 68-year-old crusty Republican.

Barton sent his flame a video of him abusing himself. You know, going to town below the belt. He was giving his thingy special attention. He was being wacky.

According to reports, the woman he sent it to resent it to several of her friends, which tells me she either hated Barton or her friends. Barton found out about this and in a recorded phone call with the woman, threatened to have the Capitol Police investigate the matter if the video or photos became public. I’ll give you one guess what became public.

Yeah, the photo was posted anonymously on Twitter, along with a text from Barton which read, “I want you soo bad. Right now. Deep and hard”. Apparently, he only needs one hand to text. When I heard about this photo’s existence my first thought was, “I do not ever want to see this photo.” Several people posted on my social media pages to tell me they hunted it down to give it a look, which makes me have to ask, “what the hell is wrong with you people?” I have as much morbid curiosity as the next guy, but come on. I don’t want to see photos of abused children and animals, the way I dressed in the 80s, ketchup on a hot dog, or Republicans whacking it.

I don’t know if Barton did anything technically wrong here. Morally, maybe. I suppose you’re not supposed to have sex with another woman while married, even if you’re separated. But, in my book, if someone leaves you behind then all bets are off. Maybe, he violated a Congressional ethics policy by using his position to influence someone to sleep with him but, good luck finding a politician who hasn’t done that.

It is pretty stupid to send naked photos of yourself, and even dumber to send a video. However, it’s not illegal to send it to another adult. I am against hackers leaking celebrities’ private photos, and now I have to hold the same position regarding politician’s private photos….especially if they’re old and ugly Republicans.

It will be interesting to see if Republicans have the same reaction to Barton’s sexting as they did toward Anthony Weiner’s shenanigans. I don’t expect them to as Republicans are hypocrites.

It will also be interesting to see how The Family Council and Christian Coalition of America will respond since they have both given Barton a 100 percent rating.

Barton has hired a crisis communication firm to deal with the fallout of his naked selfie but, I don’t see that doing much good. It’s impossible to put naked toothpaste back into the tube. And, since Barton probably sent these things to more than one woman, we can expect more naked Bartons to materialize on Twitter in the very near future. Yay.

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  1. “…the woman he sent it to resent it to several of her friends, which tells me she either hated Barton or her friends.” Nice one. A Texas Democrat’s site which I frequent posted a photo, and even with the crotch blanked out, it was not pretty. Comments ranged to “If my eyes could throw up, I’d feel better.”

    He’ll probably do fine with the Family Council and Christian Coalition. For one thing, if you claim you’re “forgiven,” that’s just fine. For another thing, IOKIYAR (It’s OK If You’re A Republican). Remember that big fat elephant in the room, the one named Donnie?

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