Putrid In Puerto Rico


In addition to being without electricity, phone service, and internet for the majority of the citizens of Puerto Rico, access to clean water is extremely limited. For many Puerto Ricans, the water they do have access to is dangerous, and even life-threatening.

Since Hurricane Maria hit the island (which is a part of the United States and the people there are American citizens, Republicans), many people are drawing water from Superfund sites.

What many of those drawing water from these sites, like the Dorado Groundwater Contamination Superfund site, don’t realize is that the water is toxic. Drinking water from these sources can lead to liver disease and high risks of cancer. The local government has already attributed four deaths caused by drinking the water. Some residents have reported extreme stomach pains.

How are the residents supposed to know the water they’re drinking is toxic when they can’t get information? Most probably aren’t aware the president has expressed more concern over kneeling football players than starving Puerto Ricans.

Donald Trump has blamed the limited access to water on local authorities and said distribution efforts shouldn’t be the military’s job. Trump, who has responded like a baby with a full diaper to criticism of his response to the crisis, has warned Puerto Rico that the federal government can’t stay and help them forever. He’s made comments about the islands poor electrical grid before the storm, how Puerto Rico needs to figure out their debt situation, and that Puerto Ricans need to help themselves. How empathetic.

Democratic Bennie Thompson of Mississippi wants the Department of Homeland Security to investigate reports that people are drinking contaminated water. I’m not sure what that investigation will solve, as we already know people are drinking toxic water. We are aware the federal government is doing a lousy job helping the people of Puerto Rico.

The federal response to aid Puerto Rico has been atrocious. The U.S. Navy hospital ship, Comfort, arrived on October 3, thirteen days after the hurricane hit the island. Today, half the beds on the ship lie empty. So far, 48 deaths have been attributed to Maria.

There should be visible signs of improvement to an area three weeks after it has been hit by a hurricane. Not people dying, calls for investigations, and still trying to figure out how to respond better. The president shouldn’t be threatening to bail on American citizens within three weeks of a natural disaster.

Trump has done his best to contaminate the entire nation with his orange toxins. Now people are dying from Trumpism.

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  1. This is “Trump’s Katrina;” it’s just not getting nearly the publicity that the New Orleans disaster did. Our government’s shoddy response to Americans in dire need is a disgrace and is directly responsible for people dying.

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