Nasty Boy Scouts


What do you call a woman who can fly a plane? A pilot. But, what do you call a girl who is a Boy Scout? That’s a head-scratcher for the moment.

I really am not concerned about the Boy Scouts allowing girls to join. It’s not like the organization is attempting to become modern and progressive. They are a very rigid Christian organization that has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this century and to get over their homophobia. They’re not there yet.

I’m more concerned with how the Boy Scouts of America are influencing young men in how they should treat girls. After watching thousands of Boy Scouts cheer on Trump and chant “lock her up” at their jamboree, my concerns are valid. We don’t need today’s generation of assholes to teach little boys to be little assholes that grow into old assholes.

Conservatives are freaking out over allowing girls into the Boy Scouts. They believe its political correctness threatening an organization where individual troops are overwhelmingly affiliated with churches. Twenty percent of Boy Scouts are Mormon. They don’t want the Boy Scouts to become like the Girl Scouts, which is open-minded and fairly progressive.

Girl Scouts are a secular organization. While the Boy Scouts have an official policy against atheists and agnostics participating in scouting, the Girl Scouts make it clear girls may substitute any words they like for the part of the Girl Scout Pledge in which they promise “to serve God.”

The Girl Scouts have long focused on social justice, diversity and inclusion in their activities. They have provided financial support to organizations like Oxfam, Amnesty International, and Doctors Without Borders.

Conservatives have been hating on the Girl Scouts for several years now. A Catholic church in Kansas City doesn’t want anything to do with them, and anti-abortion zealots have gone so far to boycott their cookies. They will have you believe the Girl Scouts are raising girls to become angry militant lesbians hawking cookies that finance baby killing. Overpriced baby-killing cookies, but oh so delicious.

I never joined the Boy Scouts. I was a Cub Scout for a time but lost interest before this cub grew into a boy. I was kinda sort of honorary Girl Scout. My mom was a den mother and would host the meetings in our house in Elgin, Illinois from the time I was in kindergarten to the second grade. Even at that early age I liked girls and was not going to be excluded when my basement was full of girls two years older than me. I’m sure my older sister and step-sister, along with all the other girls, found me annoying. Girls still find me annoying.

I was never much for conformity or joining things. I did join 4-H for about a week because I followed a girl into it in the 5th grade. I quit after I realized all they talked about were cows and tractors. That was the same year I was in the school band for about two weeks. How much does one have to suck to get kicked out of the 5th grade school band?

Hopefully, with a few girls in the Boy Scouts, the boys will learn that girls are their equal…and usually better. At the very least, maybe they can be better than the conservatives I witnessed this week attacking the mayor of San Juan for wearing a “#Nasty” T-shirt. It boggled my mind she was being vilified for wear the shirt while those attacking her were giving a pass to the sexist old man who called her “nasty.”

There isn’t a better time than now to allow girls into the Boy Scouts. Maybe the next generation of young men can be better than Donald Trump.

Creative note: If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know this. I started drawing my cartoon at 3:00 AM. Around 5:00 AM, I got this idea and I liked it a lot better. My previous cartoon was almost done and I already had two cups of coffee, but I started over anyway.

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