Take A Knee


If you were fine, or silent, over the first three panels but lost your shit over the last one, then you need to take a knee. You’re just as disgusting as the man-baby troglodyte who made these statements. What Donald Trump is doing is not uniting people. It’s purposely being divisive to suit his own political ambitions.

Trump claims athletes who are protesting are disparaging the flag, the National Anthem, and our veterans. I don’t believe a draft-dodging bully who claimed John McCain is only a war hero because he was captured and that he “likes people who weren’t captured,” who disparages Gold Star families, and currently owns a Purple Heart he did not earn, is an authority on other people disrespecting our veterans.

Trump once criticized President Obama for voicing an opinion on the Redskins’ name. Trump said it was “nonsense” for the president to involve himself. Yet, here he is calling for athletes to be fired and for his sycophants to boycott the NFL.

Conservatives called Obama “divisive” for weighing on the Trayvon Martin case and when a white cop arrested a black man for trying to enter his own home. I don’t hear them throwing the d-word around when Trump creates controversies by attacking black athletes, women, talk show hosts, Broadway plays, comedians, mayors of foreign cities, journalists, and other incidents too numerous to name. This is conservative’s hypocrisy.

Several NFL owners who supported Trump and contributed financially to his election, like the owner of the New England Patriots, are surprised by Trump’s attack on their athletes and their sport. It’s like Trump’s racism is a new thing that only showed up last Friday…and not something he’s been waving around since the 1980s. For these people, Trump’s racism is not a deal-breaker until it hits them close to home. These people should have taken a knee to Trump before it got too late. Grass stains on your knees is a lot easier to get out than blood on your hands.

Trump claims this isn’t about race. Yet, he’s attacking mostly African-Americans protesting injustice toward African-Americans. A black athlete kneeling during the National Anthem is a larger outrage to Donald Trump than Nazis killing peaceful protesters. But like in both cases, Trump is playing to his base. He doesn’t criticize Nazis because he doesn’t want to offend his base. He’ll attack black people because his racist base eats it up.

Attacking black football players wasn’t enough for Trump over the weekend. He uninvited NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors from visiting the White House after their star, Stephen Curry expressed he didn’t want to go. It’s hard to tell who Trump is more concerned with, Kim Jong Un, actress Kristen Stewart, or Stephen Curry.

If you disagree with the athletes and believe no one should sit or kneel during the anthem, but you understand their protests, then I can respect your opinion. If you disagree with them, believe they shouldn’t have the right to express themselves, and that they should be fired, then I don’t respect your opinion. I especially do not respect you if you’re upset over black athletes wanting equality, while you have never expressed concern over what they’re protesting. And, if you deflected for Nazis, like our president has, then don’t tell me what America is supposed to be, or if we don’t like then we should move to another country. You’re what’s wrong with this country.

In case you haven’t noticed, Trump hasn’t even mentioned what the athletes are protesting. It’s like his brain stopped at “black.” If you have argued against the protests without mentioning their cause, then your brain stopped at “black” too.

You would think someone who claims he’s about jobs and the economy wouldn’t be calling for a boycott of an American industry. Trump wants NFL games to be as sparsely attended as the games were for that USFL football team he once owned.

It was heartening to see athletes, coaches, owners, black and white, stand together against Trump. This nation is about freedom, not nationalism, and not a place where we tell people to shut up because their viewpoint makes you uncomfortable. Trump can have an opinion on people protesting, but he needs to understand the full issue and not use them as a distraction because he doesn’t want to focus on North Korea or the disaster in Puerto Rico, or the fact his candidate is about to lose in Alabama, where Trump started this crap.

While in Alabama, Trump was playing to his racist base. It’d be nice if his base would take a knee.

I too have a problem with people being unpatriotic. Trump and his sycophants fit that description.

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  1. Great Job Clay! How many people do we know that STAND for the anthem in their own living rooms…? This is a Public Display thing, a personal choice…and Trump is messing with our choices and our personal freedoms. What a sicko, how can anyone still back this person? My mother -die hard Republican (because her parents were and then before that her grandparents were) well THAT’s a great reason-geez. I am so upset with her…because NOW she says voted ‘against’ Hilary…”Hey Mom that is still a vote for Trump” and you cannot slide out of it with that reasoning. We really need to have a better option for Old Republicans to cross-over the party line…I think we need another Kennedy!

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  2. Okay. Been a long time since I actually ranted and raved about something. And this will get a lot of flack from a lot of people who avidly disagree with me. But, I don’t care! (What bothers me most about this subject and eats at my core is that I find myself on Trump’s side.)(yikes!)

    I think it is ungrateful, disgraceful and disrespectful of the NFL players’ kneeling and even SITTING during the playing of our national anthem! Yes, they have that right, but it is the freedoms of this very country they are disrespecting that gave them that right. And let’s point out here that, just because it IS their right it does not MAKE it right!

    I completely understand their reason for doing this, and I even agree that those issues must be addressed. The racial divides in this country are deplorable! The seemingly indiscrimate killing of people of color by white police officers is heinous! All racial discrimination needs to end NOW! It has totally gotten out of hand.

    That being said, the disrespect of our entire nation and our national anthem is the wrong venue for the protesting of these egregious acts of rampant racial discrimination. Carry a sign, run an ad, get a microphone and voice your protest. These NFL players certainly make enough money that there are numerous venues open to them. They do not need to use the platform afforded them by the very nation they are disrespecting.

    And that brings up the point of the millions of dollars these men make each year – more than most hard-working families make in an entire lifetime – for playing a game which they love!! And what gives them this privilege? This country for which they show such utter disrespect at each of these games!

    And those of you who do not see this as disrespect, why do you think it has always been tradition to stand and put one’s hand over his/her heart when America’s national anthem is played? THIS is a sign of respect for, and pride in, our country and our flag! It is YOUR country and flag! It is every U.S. citizen’s country and flag! They are symbols of the land which we should love, respect, and be damned grateful that we live in, and for the rights and privileges it bestows on us so that we CAN express our individual feelings, beliefs, and, yes, even our discontent, without being imprisoned or ostracized because of them.

    I, personally, firmly believe and agree that these young men have a perfect right to protest. But, I also feel that showing disrespect for the country that allows them the privilege to protest is very misdirected.

    Just my humble opinion.


    1. I’m not so sure opinions are ever all that humble. You need to do research on the architect of the “Star Spangled Banner”…..Frances Scott Keys and read his little ditty in it’s entirety; his life, his beliefs were appalling for people of color or those he deemed scum. 45 embraces those ideals of Keys and worse. Athletes like any public person has the same rights as you to have “humble opinions.” Confusing patriotism and blind loyalty will not fix the racism that’s been there for hundreds of years against many people. The African American’s suffering never stopped.

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  3. Clay,
    I get the impression that you have spent a lot of time in the South, so you of all people should know that you can mess with a lot of things, but you DON’T MESS WITH THEIR FOOTBALL!!! (And maybe their NASCAR… yeah FOOTBALL and NASCAR).

    I’m hoping that 45* has bitten off more than he can chew (which is a hell of a lot… yeah, yeah cheap shot, but he deserves it), and that this SACRILEGE will finally turn his base against him. If it doesn’t, I’m afraid there is no hope for any of us.

    BTW – Speaking of Football, I’m a Baltimore Boy and I am CRUSHED, CRUSHED at the Ravens 7 – 44 loss to the Jaguars in London. I’m guessing they gave it to them out of sympathy for the recent and pending hurricane damage, OR they ate too much of that World Famous British Cuisine (Blood Pudding, Kidney Pie, Haggis… er, wait, that’s Scottish, and it’s not half bad) and they were too sick to play.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve spent a lot time in the South. Funny thing about Nascar, it’s not big throughout the South. I never heard anyone ever talk about it in Mississippi and Louisiana. It’s not a big deal in Florida, even in Daytona. It’s just a venue. The only two places I’ve ever been where I see Nascar shit everywhere is North Carolina and Virginia.

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      1. Someone on Facebook did a nice collage of Trump’s tweet, “So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. They won’t put up with disrespecting our Country or our Flag — they said it loud and clear!” with photos of NASCAR locations and fans waving dozens of Confederate flags, which are extremely disrespectful of the American flag and a symbol of treason against it.

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  4. I have such trouble understanding the uproar over this (100% peaceful) protest. Isn’t kneeling a sign of respect? People would kneel to show their fealty for centuries (&, as far as I know, they still do). To me, they’re showing the utmost respect & reverence for that which the flag stands.

    Not to mention, flag-burning is legally protected freedom of speech. Surely this is a much more respectful protest where the flag is concerned?

    People speak of these players being over-paid & how dare they use this privileged position to take a stand. The former part makes me laugh – people’s ticket prices & the cable companies profits are part of the reason these people are so highly paid (meaning that the very people complaining often contribute to their salaries). Not to mention the high-impact nature of the sport practically guarantees a very short career & life-long medical concerns.

    Then, the latter part – well, what better time & place to make a stand on such an important issue? Where else would it get the attention that it’s getting? Where else can they make use of their fame to speak about such an important issue?

    The whole “controversy” has been ridiculous to me since its inception.

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  5. Yes, I will gladly #takeaknee in support of racial injustices that every minority in this country has suffered for so long. Yes, I will gladly #takeaknee in protest against *45 and his ignorance to the real suffering taking place in the USA and the atrocity that is taking place in Puerto Rico.

    I am a proud veteran and I don’t think my time served in the military was spent fighting for the freedom to stand but the freedom for the right for every American, not just football players, to #takeaknee to shed light on any type of injustices that they deem necessary. If it weren’t for them then who would #takeaknee to shed light on any injustice? Certainly not our civic leaders, not law enforcement who’s job is to serve and protect. And certainly not the commander in chief. Instead of rebuking the problems that started the #takeaknee movement, he’s stoking the fires of racial divide even further…smh.

    I currently live outside the US and it pains my heart to be an American. The disdain that the world is showing towards us, all due to *45. So Clay, please tell me again why #takingaknee is such a bad thing and please point me to where I can find guidance on where it says that we are obliged to stand for the playing of the National Anthem. Waiting…


      1. My humblest apologies to @Clay and @Ariel. My post was in response to that of @Puppyluvver24, not Clays. I sincerely appreciated Clay’s article and the many positive responses. However, puppyluvver24’s response, specifically this “I think it is ungrateful, disgraceful and disrespectful of the NFL players’ kneeling and even SITTING during the playing of our national anthem! Yes, they have that right, but it is the freedoms of this very country they are disrespecting that gave them that right. And let’s point out here that, just because it IS their right it does not MAKE it right!” Just rubbed me the wrong way.

        Why isn’t it these athletes right to protest in this manner? Please remember what the reason was for the whole #takeaknee movement. It wasn’t about disrespecting the flag or the USA. It was merely about racial injustices and many seemed to have forgotten about that, especially Trump and his moronic supporters, who have blown it well out of proportion.

        Thanks Ariel for your response and again my apologies to you and Clay…Ras

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  6. I’m sorry for misunderstanding, @rasrichjam.

    The only reason I thought that you were talking to Clay was the last sentence. I agree with you 100% – up until “So Clay, please tell me again why #takingaknee is such a bad thing and please point me to where I can find guidance on where it says that we are obliged to stand for the playing of the National Anthem. Waiting…”

    It’s easy to have misunderstandings online. I’m really grateful that you didn’t respond to my recriminations with anger – a truly rare quality!

    I’m with you, @rasrichjam. These players using the platform they’re afforded is their right. Also, there’s no hard & fast rule saying we can’t sit or kneel during the anthem. Even if there was, we’ve broken all the flag code rules (stuff like, don’t ever hold the flag horizontally, don’t put it on anything disposable, don’t wear it as clothing) & call it patriotic.


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