Kill This Mother…


The verdict came in on another police shooting, and the judge has ruled the victim was indeed black. That means the cop who shot him gets away with it. Just in time too, as the Trump/Sessions Justice Department just ended the program that scrutinizes local police forces.

St. Louis police officer (now former officer) Jason Stockley shot and killed Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. He was charged last year with murder for the shooting. Following the verdict, protesters marched peacefully in St. Louis, though violence came with nightfall.

What are the details of this case? You wouldn’t know if you watched Fox News like I did for an hour this morning. I feel dirty.

I haven’t watched Fox in a while, and the blatant bias and agenda-driven coverage are totally brand new to me again. Within the first five minutes someone said “Benghazi,” and they weren’t even talking about Benghazi.

It took a while for them to talk about St. Louis. I had to wait through catheter commercials, talking about arming English cops and how the military should take to the streets of London and turn the nation into a military junta, how much nicer Trump was to the lawnmower kid than Obama, Hillary needs to stop her “whining” tour, ESPN is a liberal safe space, a conservative Berkeley professor complaining how conservatives aren’t welcomed at Berkeley, and Anthony Bourdain wants to poison the president. Finally, they got around to St. Louis.

The focus was that “cops lives matter,” protesters should direct their ire at the Democrats who control major cities, we need to have a healthier respect for cops, and they showed footage of a protester burning an American flag and that 32 of them were arrested and ten cops were injured.

What was not mentioned was that Stockley was recorded saying “I’m gonna kill this mother fucker. Don’t you know it.” They also didn’t mention that Stockley was carrying a personal gun that wasn’t authorized, his partner never drew his gun, that Smith was shot five times, or that the gun found in Smith’s car may have been planted by Stockley, and only had the officer’s DNA on it, not Smith’s. They also didn’t mention that this was a judge’s decision, as this was not a jury trial. And then, they went back to talking about the lawnmower kid (who did a shitty job, by the way. Did you see all the strips of grass he missed? Fox didn’t mention that once. Great job, Fox!).

I watched Fox for about an hour and that’s all they mentioned about the case (killer cop, not lawnmower kid). Keep this shit in mind when you talk to your tin-foil-wearing crazy uncle, as he will not know what he’s talking about.

Stockley quit the St. Louis police force and moved to Houston where he hasn’t shot any black people so far. He gave an interview to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where he defended himself. He said, “I know everyone wants someone to blame, “but I’m just not the guy.” Yes, you are. You pulled the trigger and killed an unarmed man after you said you were going to kill him. How in any part of America should this be allowed?

Stockley doesn’t deny saying he was going to kill Smith but said he doesn’t recall saying it. The judge defended that with, “people say all kinds of things in the heat of the moment or while in stressful situations.” Yeah, judge…but normally when someone says “I’m going to kill you,” they don’t actually kill a person. Do you know how many girls have told me they were going to kill me? I’m still not dead. But this cop killed someone after saying he was going to kill him, and he had fewer reasons than all my exes. How can you say you’re going to kill someone, and after you kill them it wasn’t your intention?

Now, if someone says they want to kill the judge for this decision, will he just blow it off as words said in a “stressful situation,” or will he go into hiding with security? Of course, I don’t want anyone to hurt the judge, but I think you get the point that he’d suddenly take those words seriously.

We don’t have to shout “cops lives matter.” The establishment is making that perfectly clear. We need to continue shouting “black lives matter,” until the establishment totally understands that, and realize it’s wrong for police to shoot black people just because they want to.

And, I’m still annoyed at the lawnmower kid. First, he takes Chris Christie’s job, and now you know some black guy is going to have to cut those spots he missed.

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  1. This subject is the closest I come to disagreeing with your work. It’s probably because I’m married to a man whose career was law enforcement (I admit, the thing he brags about the most is that he never drew his weapon). And, probably because I take the position that someone (like me) who was not at the scene and not in the courtroom should not think she knows more than those who were there. My mom instilled that in me. That being said, I also realize that in today’s world this is the type of thing that EVERYONE will have an opinion on, whether they should or not. That’s just the way it is. Ok, reaction over. None of this changes the fact that you are my favorite political cartoonist. Have a great weekend!


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  2. So the judge ignored the facts regarding the gun and DNA evidence, saying something like “30 years of experience” caused him, biased him to ignore such cold, hard, facts. “An urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly,” the judge wrote. That’s funny, I’ve know several heroin dealers and none of them owned guns. I fully expect and hope that a vigorous appeal will be filed quickly.

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  3. The judge got this right. Stockley used his issue Beretta, regardless of any other pistol he may have had in the vehicle. Secondly, who said Smith was unarmed? Certainly not the DOJ when they reviewed the evidence. There is zero evidence the .38 revolver was planted, other than forensics being unable to get a usable DNA sample linking the gun to Smith. Lots of things could have happened, but none were caught on tape and no one even claimed to have seen him plant the gun. You can’t convict based on a hypothetical scenario.


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