A Costa Rican Morning After


This is last week’s cartoon for The Costa Rican Star. I have since drawn another, which was published on Friday. You’ll see that one here next week. Until then, go visit the Star’s site.

Health authorities are talking about allowing the Morning-After Pill to be used in Costa Rica. Say what now? Currently, you can’t get the pill in that nation?

Heads up, vacationers. Leave your smart phone at home as I don’t care to see your vacation slides all over Facebook, and take birth control with you. We all know you’re going to be doing more than sight seeing sloths and toucans.

If you go to a pharmacy in the nation for birth control, you will be denied and may get a snotty lecture that’s not going to be helpful in any way toward your situation. You can buy birth control pills on the black market, but how are you to know it’s actually what they claim it is, and not a Flinstones? Psst. If it’s pink and in the shape of Bam-Bam, you’re gonna have your own little Pebbles.

They do allow condoms to be sold in Costa Rica, but I’ve been told that you will want to bring your own. You don’t go cheap with condoms, and you may not find the kind you want in Costa Rica. Again, Bam-Bam.

While birth control for women is illegal, it’s a good thing they do allow condoms because prostitution is legal. How does that make any sense? They defend themselves as being a Catholic country, so their morals don’t allow YOU to practice safe sex…but their morals do allow you to sell your ass and be victimized by a sex industry.

Costa Rica is leading the world in environmental initiatives, if you don’t look at their rivers. They can at least catch up to the present-day world when it comes to sex.

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One comment

  1. It could be worse. There are still a few countries in Latin America that don’t allow abortion for ANY reason– meaning that if the pregnancy is killing you, and that does happen, your family and friends and the doctor are just supposed to stand around the bed and watch you die. Oh, and the fetus dies too, making the whole thing completely pointless except to prove that a woman has no right to have sex, or get raped, unless she’s prepared to die for it. Chile and the Republic of Ireland have recently decided to allow abortion for rape, fatal fetal abnormalities, or risk to the woman’s life. Thanks, boys. Real big of you.


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