Getting Jaggy In Costa Rica


I’ve held a strong belief throughout my entire life that if a jaguar wants to camp out on a beach, then that beach belongs to that jaguar.

Jaguars are beautiful, dignified, and kinda scary unless we’re talking about football teams in Jacksonville. Costa Rica is home to many species that I would find amazing to view in the wild. If and when I visit that nation I want to see a toucan. I want to see a sloth. You know the monkey in Outbreak that delivers a virus that nearly eliminates mankind? Yup. The white-headed capuchin monkey is also native to Costa Rica (and the acting monkey in Outbreak was the same monkey in Friends until he was fired. Friends fired a monkey). And Costa Rica has jaguars.

Apparently, wildlife officers in Costa Rica share my opinion about jags on the beach. Jaguars usually occupy forests but last week one decided he needed to go beach bumming. Authorities closed down Tortuguero Beach from the public and gave it to the jag. Good call. Let that cat have all the litter box he needs.

Another bum visiting Costa Rica last week (and not an endangered species at all) was Khloe Kardashian. Khloe was spotted smoking what appeared to be a reefer. A joint. Marijuana. Pot. Cannabis. Weed. The Devil’s lettuce. She was getting high.

The sort of media that actually cares about such things and provides ample coverage to it made much of the fact that Khloe is an anti-drug advocate. One can argue that “pot” is not a drug (I don’t think it is), and that holding what is referred as a “spliff” may not be marijuana. Her spokesperson said it was a hookah stick that is tobacco and marijuana free. It’s called a “Phantom Stick.” You can join me in shrugging your shoulders now.

I learned three things working on this project: I learned the term “spliff,” I learned about hookah sticks, and I learned there is a Khloe Kardashian. I also learned how to spell “Khloe” Kardashian (which my editor pointed out after I misspelled it in the rough, though he misspelled “Tortuguero.”

For the record, marijuana is decriminalized in Costa Rica and it should be in the United States too. I don’t give a rat’s ass if a Kardashian fires one up in Costa Rica, the U.S., Mars, etc. But as I approached this week’s subject for The Costa Rica Star I thought it would be a funny subject. Plus, I got to draw a jaguar. Reowr!

I did have to learn some about the Kardashians as I can’t tell a Kardashian from a Miley Cyrus, or insert another famous person who’s famous for being famous despite the lack of any talent or unique ability. When it comes to the Kardashians, I have not been keeping up.

But I got to draw a jaguar…and a really big butt.

Creative Note: This was one of the cartoons from last Friday’s cartoon marathon. I drew four cartoons that day and this was number two. It was pretty easy and a lot of fun.

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