Creepy’s Creeping Closer


Each time North Korea has a failure with a missile launch there’s mockery and jeers from the West. We shouldn’t do that.

Is any test a failure if it teaches you how to make the next one a success, and the one after that a larger success? With each test, whether it explodes seconds after launching or lands in the Sea of Japan, North Korea is getting closer to putting a warhead in a missile. And with each missile test, they get closer to reaching Seoul, Tokyo, Honolulu, and Seattle.

Scientists and engineers in Kim Jong Un’s failed state don’t suffer when they fail. They continue to be rewarded and lavished with comfort and riches that escapes the rest of the population. Sure they suffer from massive radiation poisoning, physical deformities, and are sexually dysfunctional, but they eat well. They’re also given wives and go mentally insane (not because of the wives). On their journey to a youthful death from all the radiation, they are encouraged more to succeed than discouraged from failing. Kim can’t kill scientists and expect his rockets to fly. It’s hard enough to keep them from defecting. It’s also difficult to run across a border with gonads the size of watermelons.

Between 2012 to 2015 the DPRK conducted one test a year. In 2016 they conducted two. This year they have increased their pace and have conducted six. Are they becoming more provocative or are they making strides in their development? They do want to send a message to South Korea, Japan, and the United States, but the provocations are probably a bonus while making technological advancements. They’re still several years away from the capability of putting a warhead on an ICBM, which is what it would take to strike the U.S., but they will get there. Targets, including Americans, are much closer in Asia and they may have the capability to strike those now.

The DPRK’s test on Sunday was a finger in the eyes of Tokyo, South Korea’s new president, and Donald Trump. They also succeeded in annoying China and Russia. This launch was conducted while China is hosting a globalization economic forum which included 28 visiting heads of state. Russia usually doesn’t give much of a response to Kim’s shenanigans, but this missile landed about 60 miles off Russia’s coast.  That probably didn’t make Putin feel all warm and squishy on the inside.

The debate is how to handle North Korea. So far nothing has worked. What options are left? Limited missile strikes? Full-fledged invasion? A Donald Trump chocolate cake summit?

If we go the Trump summit route, he might want to make sure that Kim receives as much ice cream as he does for dessert. You never know what will set either of them off.

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