Pepsi Pop Riot


The idea that Kendall Jenner and a can of Pepsi soda can resolve differences between the black community and police is as ridiculous as the idea that Jared Kushner will solve the Middle East crisis.

Pepsi ran an ad of Kendall Jenner preventing a riot by offering a can of their soda to a cop in riot gear. There was no indication what the crowd was protesting as the signs weren’t specific. One usually doesn’t spot generic protest signs at protests. Stop stuff now! Bad things suck! Why am I here? Why is Kendall Jenner famous?

Pepsi pulled the ad after comparisons were made to an iconic image of another protester and the company was accused of trivializing The Black Lives Matter movement. Hey, corporate activism is OK. Using causes to sell your sugary product, not so much. Starbucks comes to mind as a company that knows how to support causes without milking it for profits.

Pepsi also apologized to Kendall Jenner for putting her into the situation. Really? First off, I seriously doubt Kendall Jenner has a thought regarding social issues. Second, you paid her. Third, she finally has a reason to be famous.

By the way, I prefer Coke.

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  1. One small detail, none of the alleged police in the commercial were in riot gear, which is the most obvious indication that this is an unrealistic portrayal of a fake situation.

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