Make Nicaragua Pay For It


This ran last Friday in The Costa Rica Star.

Costa Rica’s president Luis Guillermo Solís visited Washington last week and had a meeting with U.S. vice president Mike Pence. Since Silos is a male, Pence’s wife didn’t have to attend the meeting (What is that about? Pence won’t meet or have a meal in a restaurant with a woman unless his wife is present). And why couldn’t Solis meet the big guy, Trump?

Costa Rica has immigration issues that are quite different from the United States. It’s not that Costa Ricans are fleeing their nation. It’s that people are going to Costa Rica illegally. Not you, you filthy, American. They like you. If you’re from the U.S. you don’t even need a Visa to stay in that nation. Just leave every 90 days, get that passport stamped in another country, and return.

A lot of immigrants are from Africa who are carted to Central America with the United States being their eventual destination. The idea is, they’re sold a bill of goods to land in Central America and then “easily” venture north to the U.S. Not so easy. What happens is they get stuck in Central America in a refugee camp. Some of those become Costa Rica’s problem. The people who were paid to bring them in from Africa? Not their problem anymore.

Another issue is Nicaragua. Costa Rica has a very stable government and economy. They don’t even have an army. Nicaragua doesn’t have a violence problem, but they do have serious issues with their economy, electricity, drinking water, etc. They don’t look north for the American dream. They look south for the Costa Rican dream. The border is loosely guarded and they speak the same language. It’s also a short trip.

On top of all this the U.S. wants Costa Rica to host migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, before they enter the U.S.

So if Costa Rica wants to build a wall, which I don’t think anyone is seriously proposing, they want it to only stop people from coming in. Maybe they can do tire spikes on one side.

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  1. I don’t usually point out typos I see in your posts (I’m here for the art, mostly, but I am normally a Grammar Drill Sergeant lol). However, in the 1st paragraph, you called Mike Pence the President.

    I’m assuming we’re all getting prepared for Trump’s impeachment, but, still… let’s not get ahead of ourselves (since Pence is a whole new nightmare 😦 ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D’oh! I appreciate you pointing it out. I have a couple of people who proof for me every day. Sometimes it takes them a few hours to get to me after the blog is posted. They all missed this one so good catch, Ariel. I won’t ever make another mistake agin.

      I’m really eager for Trump to be impeached, but then we have Pence. I think as Trump derails further and further the GOP are going to embrace the idea of a President Pence. The thing is, the earlier they do it the better it will be for them. If they impeach Trump early then the nation has time to recover and they can get some of their programs through with Pence. But there will be a a period where the nation will be disgusted with the entire GOP and the Democrats will take advantage of that to stop all their programs. Also, if people are still in the disgust phase they’ll have no appetite for the GOP in 2020.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m really glad you appreciate me pointing it out. Some people aren’t so happy to hear they’ve got a comment from me, because it usually means I found a typo/grammatical error (my friends are the ones who call me a Grammar Drill Sergeant – I can only imagine what people who don’t like me say!).

        That said… we’re all human! Mistakes happen! I fully accept & expect that you’ll make mistakes in the future, as will I. I’m not mentioning the fact that there are some commas out of place here, either… except I just did…. d’oh! (AKA “annoyed grunt.”)

        If you ever want another proof-reader, I volunteer as tribute! I haz credentials! XD

        I’m very nervous about Trump getting impeached only because Pence, to me, is frightening in very different ways. The main one is that he looks & acts much more like a politician than… well, a Cheeto-faced baboon. He’ll seem like the best of a bad situation to a lot of people, meaning he’ll get a lot more (bad stuff) done.

        Unless, of course, the investigation into this illusive Russia connection takes down the both of them. I’m not getting my hopes up, though. At this point, with democrats failing spectacularly to get out to the polls in smaller/local elections, I’m also not getting my hopes up about them getting off their a##es in 2020.


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