Smell Ya’ Later


Breaking news! There is no such things as TrumpCare. TrumpCare does not exist and it never will.

Why did “repealing and replacing” Obamacare fail? The first reason is that Donald Trump is a bad president. We’ve had plenty of bad presidents in the past but this one is also an idiot. A spectacular one at that.

Regarding TrumpCare, he didn’t care. Over the past few weeks, and it was only a few weeks versus a year to pass Obamacare, Trump never talked about how TrumpCare worked. How many times did you hear Trump talk about the details of the Republican health plan? Maybe once? Maybe twice? Try never. You never did. His biggest argument, along with all of the GOP, was that Obamacare was a disaster. You spent seven years telling us Obamacare was a disaster but he couldn’t sell his own plan, or Ryan’s plan. His answer was to promote a plan that only had 17% support from the American public.

The Republicans spent seven years trying to repeal Obamacare. By the time they finally had the House, Senate, and the White House, they didn’t know what to do with it and they failed to keep their promise. The GOP has a 40 plus advantage in the House yet they still couldn’t repeal and replace Obamcare. For seven years they failed to offer an alternative to Obamacare. As it turns out, they never had one. Now when they bash Obamcare in the future it’ll be pointed out to them that they don’t have a plan that can pass.

Donald Trump told us he would repeal and replace Obamacare. He said he’d drain the swamp. He said he’d ban Muslims from entering the country. He told us we can’t have a president who’s under an FBI investigation. Now that he’s been president for two months Trump has stocked the swamp with Nazi alligators, Obamacare is here to stay for the indefinite future, his Muslim ban has been knocked down in court….TWICE, and he is under an FBI investigation for treason. Trump has proven to be a total fraud within his first two months. Why the hell is he here if he can’t deliver on any of his promises?

You didn’t close the deal, Donald. You told us you were the closer. You told us only you could save it. You said it was easy to make deals. There’s a book with your name on it called “The Art Of The Deal.” You didn’t even write that book. As it turns out, healthcare is hard. Who knew? Everybody knew except for you, Donald. Too bad not enough people knew you were a fraud.

The art of a Trump deal is he promises something better. He threatens people in his own party which turns out to be a weak threat when you’re a proven liar and your credibility has sunk to leave you with an approval rating lower than gonorrhea. After his threats didn’t work his strategy was to warn that letting it die put Obamacare on their shoulders, plus they’d be responsible for keeping Planned Parenthood funded (that was part of this brilliant “healthcare” plan). After it finally failed he blamed Democrats. Wait, what?

The Republicans didn’t ask the Democrats for help. They pushed this against them. They said they didn’t need the Democrats. They didn’t write the bill with them, didn’t negotiate with them, didn’t offer them anything. So it’s their fault the bill died? That’s like saying it’s the pigs fault the big bad wolf couldn’t blow their house down. If you want to eat a crap sandwich and I refuse to help you, it’s not my fault when you hurl.

A narcissist is never wrong. They can’t admit defeat. They can’t admit mistakes. They also don’t learn from their mistakes. Trump has stumbled and messed up again and again. Bill Clinton lost a healthcare battle and it hammered his presidency and he lost the House. He learned from it and went on to serve two terms where even an impeachment couldn’t remove him from office.

Obama spent a year working on the Affordable Care Act. The Democrats weren’t united entirely on it. That took a lot of work. They didn’t try to pass a bill with a 17% approval rating within two months of taking office. The Republicans complained that Obamacare was made in backroom deals behind locked doors and it was passed before anyone could read it. To counter that Paul Ryan crafted a deal behind closed doors that no one was allowed to read.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the political talent of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Donald Trump is not an intelligent person. He’s president because there’s a very large number of Americans who don’t consider racism a deal killer.

TrumpCare was written by people who don’t care about health care. It was written by people who don’t care about other people except for wealthy people. TrumpCare was written to provide tax breaks for the richest two percent of Americans while knocking 24 million other Americans off health care coverage. That’s the undercurrent of why TrumpCare failed. Even the racist Freedom Caucus in the House couldn’t swallow that, or at least not enough of them to pass the bill. Even if it had passed the House it still had the Senate to get through.

So why did TrumpCare fail? Trump is bad at his job and he’s an amateur president. Paul Ryan is bad at his job too. It was a bad and selfish policy. The biggest reason it failed though is that it moved people to fight it. Not rich people. Real people. People stormed town halls and offices of congressmen and senators. Even representatives in red districts had to face the backlash. They had to hear personal testimonies and see their faces. The people said no. They took the power out of Trump’s hands. The Resistance resisted and won.

Now Trump has less capital to push Gorsuch into the Supreme Court. He has much less to build the stupid wall. Hey, I’m sure that budget plan will just sail right through. The good news for The Resistance is that this president is weaker. If he fails with his next proposal he won’t be able to pass anything through Congress that threatens our nation.

Ha Ha!

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  1. While I’m hoping you’re right & that Trump’s other (terrible) plans are weaker, I don’t think the fight is over. Not by a long shot.

    So, we can’t get complacent. Even I, who hates talking on the phone so much it makes me use the word “hate,” which I’m not a fan of doing, called my Republican representative, & I emailed him to make sure he got the message.

    Stick with it, my resistant friends!

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  2. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the reason TrumpCare failed is because of the “and replace” part, and that if it had simply been a repeal, it would have passed. Not that I want it to.

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    1. I’ve thought that too Michael. If the Trump Machine just stomped on it like they have done everything else that protects humans and oh yeah….(the planet!),it would have went through with DC and the red states dancing in the streets. Protecting the people, the earth, and human rights does shit for their bottom line. Like Trump said, “protections in the US ruins business.” BIGLY.

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