Smell Ya’ Later


Breaking news! There is no such things as TrumpCare. TrumpCare does not exist and it never will.

Why did “repealing and replacing” Obamacare fail? The first reason is that Donald Trump is a bad president. We’ve had plenty of bad presidents in the past but this one is also an idiot. A spectacular one at that.

Regarding TrumpCare, he didn’t care. Over the past few weeks, and it was only a few weeks versus a year to pass Obamacare, Trump never talked about how TrumpCare worked. How many times did you hear Trump talk about the details of the Republican health plan? Maybe once? Maybe twice? Try never. You never did. His biggest argument, along with all of the GOP, was that Obamacare was a disaster. You spent seven years telling us Obamacare was a disaster but he couldn’t sell his own plan, or Ryan’s plan. His answer was to promote a plan that only had 17% support from the American public.

The Republicans spent seven years trying to repeal Obamacare. By the time they finally had the House, Senate, and the White House, they didn’t know what to do with it and they failed to keep their promise. The GOP has a 40 plus advantage in the House yet they still couldn’t repeal and replace Obamcare. For seven years they failed to offer an alternative to Obamacare. As it turns out, they never had one. Now when they bash Obamcare in the future it’ll be pointed out to them that they don’t have a plan that can pass.

Donald Trump told us he would repeal and replace Obamacare. He said he’d drain the swamp. He said he’d ban Muslims from entering the country. He told us we can’t have a president who’s under an FBI investigation. Now that he’s been president for two months Trump has stocked the swamp with Nazi alligators, Obamacare is here to stay for the indefinite future, his Muslim ban has been knocked down in court….TWICE, and he is under an FBI investigation for treason. Trump has proven to be a total fraud within his first two months. Why the hell is he here if he can’t deliver on any of his promises?

You didn’t close the deal, Donald. You told us you were the closer. You told us only you could save it. You said it was easy to make deals. There’s a book with your name on it called “The Art Of The Deal.” You didn’t even write that book. As it turns out, healthcare is hard. Who knew? Everybody knew except for you, Donald. Too bad not enough people knew you were a fraud.

The art of a Trump deal is he promises something better. He threatens people in his own party which turns out to be a weak threat when you’re a proven liar and your credibility has sunk to leave you with an approval rating lower than gonorrhea. After his threats didn’t work his strategy was to warn that letting it die put Obamacare on their shoulders, plus they’d be responsible for keeping Planned Parenthood funded (that was part of this brilliant “healthcare” plan). After it finally failed he blamed Democrats. Wait, what?

The Republicans didn’t ask the Democrats for help. They pushed this against them. They said they didn’t need the Democrats. They didn’t write the bill with them, didn’t negotiate with them, didn’t offer them anything. So it’s their fault the bill died? That’s like saying it’s the pigs fault the big bad wolf couldn’t blow their house down. If you want to eat a crap sandwich and I refuse to help you, it’s not my fault when you hurl.

A narcissist is never wrong. They can’t admit defeat. They can’t admit mistakes. They also don’t learn from their mistakes. Trump has stumbled and messed up again and again. Bill Clinton lost a healthcare battle and it hammered his presidency and he lost the House. He learned from it and went on to serve two terms where even an impeachment couldn’t remove him from office.

Obama spent a year working on the Affordable Care Act. The Democrats weren’t united entirely on it. That took a lot of work. They didn’t try to pass a bill with a 17% approval rating within two months of taking office. The Republicans complained that Obamacare was made in backroom deals behind locked doors and it was passed before anyone could read it. To counter that Paul Ryan crafted a deal behind closed doors that no one was allowed to read.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the political talent of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Donald Trump is not an intelligent person. He’s president because there’s a very large number of Americans who don’t consider racism a deal killer.

TrumpCare was written by people who don’t care about health care. It was written by people who don’t care about other people except for wealthy people. TrumpCare was written to provide tax breaks for the richest two percent of Americans while knocking 24 million other Americans off health care coverage. That’s the undercurrent of why TrumpCare failed. Even the racist Freedom Caucus in the House couldn’t swallow that, or at least not enough of them to pass the bill. Even if it had passed the House it still had the Senate to get through.

So why did TrumpCare fail? Trump is bad at his job and he’s an amateur president. Paul Ryan is bad at his job too. It was a bad and selfish policy. The biggest reason it failed though is that it moved people to fight it. Not rich people. Real people. People stormed town halls and offices of congressmen and senators. Even representatives in red districts had to face the backlash. They had to hear personal testimonies and see their faces. The people said no. They took the power out of Trump’s hands. The Resistance resisted and won.

Now Trump has less capital to push Gorsuch into the Supreme Court. He has much less to build the stupid wall. Hey, I’m sure that budget plan will just sail right through. The good news for The Resistance is that this president is weaker. If he fails with his next proposal he won’t be able to pass anything through Congress that threatens our nation.

Ha Ha!

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“TrumpCare” is an oxymoron. Trump, who was surprised healthcare could “be so complicated,” doesn’t care. That’s not entirely true as there are things Trump does care about.

Trump cares about crowd sizes. He cares about how many times he’s been on the cover of Time Magazine. He cares about what Rosie O’Donnell says about him. He cares about TV ratings. He cares about insults tweeted at him. He cares about being called “Putin’s Puppet.” He cares about Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin, and Broadway plays that insult his vice president, what’s-his-name.” He cares about whether girls are flat-chested or not. He cares that Jeff Sessions recused himself. He cares about people saying he has tiny hands implying he has an itty bitty teeny weeny tiny orange penis. He does not care about your health.

One of the dumbest things about so many people voting for Trump (out of the long list of dumb reasons) is that many voted to get rid of Obamacare based upon Trump’s promise to replace it with “something better.”

It’s like that game show where the contestant wins a prize but they can exchange it for something unknown behind another door. But what happens if you don’t like that car because it has a few problems and it was built by a black guy and you’ll settle for anything other than that car? You can end up riding home on a goat.

People voted for Trump to get rid of Obamacare while not having the slightest idea what Trump was offering. Don’t feel too bad because Trump didn’t know what he was offering either. He just assured us it was going to be “something better.” Congress didn’t have any idea. They spent so much time over the past seven years attempting to repeal Obamacare that they never did come up with a plan to replace it.

“Something better” has turned out to be dead on arrival. Not only are a lot of Trump voters upset with “TrumpCare” but so are a lot of Republicans in the House and Senate.

What’s wrong with TrumpCare, you ask? First off it says employers no longer have to offer health care. So if you’re unhappy with the cost of healthcare, don’t worry. Soon you may not have any insurance.

Another detail is that you’re not required to purchase healthcare which means young people won’t purchase it because they’re all invincible and that will drive up costs.

It gives tax credits based upon income and age which will really benefit rich people. Lower income folks? Not so much.

It eliminates the funding for Medicaid expansion. It allows insurers to impose a 30 per cent surcharge on premiums for any lapses in coverage. It aims to strip funding for Planned Parenthood. However, it does repeal a tax on indoor tanning beds (what a Trump highlight). That tax break will come in handy when you have to pay health costs for skin cancer.

The plan is so bad that the nation’s leading hospital and doctor groups are opposing it. The AARP is against it and that’s one voting block you don’t piss off. Old people vote. That makes the bill dead on arrival. I’ve seen old people come to near riots at grocery stores that were out of bananas.

Obamacare is actually titled the “Affordable Care Act.” Republicans started referring to it as “Obamacare” to scare voters. Those type of people didn’t want anything to do with something named after that Muslim, Kenyan-born, terrorist president. In fact, after the election many Trump voters said they didn’t care if Obamacare was eliminated because they had the ACA, the Affordable Care Act. Obama eventually started referring to the plan as “Obamacare” himself. He embraced it.

Trump doesn’t want this new bill, titled “the American Health Care Act,” to be referred to as “TrumpCare.” Donald Trump has been willing to put his name on anything. Hotels, golf courses, steaks, water, modeling agencies, cheap ties, a bicycle race (the Tour de Trump), a scam university, a board game, wine he doesn’t drink, and fragrances. You too can smell like Donald Trump. Get the fragrance and that tanning bed and you’re in business. Add an ugly tie and a bad reality show and you’ll really pick up the chicks.

Trump doesn’t want his name on this new health plan. That’s probably smart because most things with his name on it are doomed to fail, like his hair.

He’s not alone in not wanting his name on it. A lot of people don’t want their names linked up to the new health plan.

So when you retweet this cartoon or share on Facebook, be sure to use the hashtag #TrumpCare.

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Sucky Healthcare


During the presidential campaign Donald Trump promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with “something better.” He never told us what “something better” includes but we’re going to love it.

After The Affordable Healthcare Act was passed in 2012 Republicans attempted to repeal it over 60 times. Not once in that time span have they had a plan to replace it with. Today they tell us they’re going to “repeal and replace.” The details they’re short on is what they’re going to replace it with.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a man who knows policy. He’s intelligent, informed, and is very detailed on specifics. He’s the Republican’s top guy and even he can’t give us details on this replacement. The leeches might be an appropriate analogy as we’re now looking for a healthcare plan from a man who looks like Eddie Munster.

A majority of voters want Obamacare repaired. A lot of premiums have shot up and consumers are feeling the pain. Republican voters want it repealed entirely without considering they may be uninsured afterward. Many are covered by Obamacare and they’re not even aware of it. On top of all this anyone who believes their rates will go down after Obamacare is repealed are idiots. They probably believe Putin is a good guy and we should trust Julian Assange over the CIA. Of course we’re talking about Trump voters so we’re not talking about people who play with full decks.

Voters gave Republicans full control of the government and they’re about to get what has been promised. The GOP plans to trash Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and access to healthcare for everyone. But hey, America will be great again.

What should be clear to everyone is that Republicans suck.

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Negan Trump


Did you see the premiere for season 7 of The Walking Dead? It was brutal. So brutal that a lot of people complained about the blood, gore, and just sheer brutality. They want that sort of stuff off television so they don’t make the stupid mistake of letting their children watch it again.

Seriously, the show is in its seventh season. The gore and brutality isn’t a new thing. People complaining that they let their kids watch are also announcing their sloppy parenting skills. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

But Negan is one scary guy.

The increase in insurance premiums for a lot of people covered by Obamacare might be the GOP’s best issue to save the Senate and House. Well, the House isn’t in real danger but they’ll lose some seats. The Senate is in real trouble and Trump has no shot at the White House.

The increase isn’t hitting most people but a lot of people hate Obamacare just because they enjoy hating things. If they started calling french fries “Obama fries” Republicans would stop eating potatoes.

The other thing is, what will the GOP replace it with? Trumpcare?

“Trumpcare.” Now that’s an oxymoron.

I just discovered that if you use the hashtag #TWD on Twitter, a baseball bat symbol is displayed next to it.

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Crazy Bubba


Hillary Clinton is running in a very tight race against a lunatic and the survival of life as we know it hangs in the balance. What doesn’t she need right now? Oh, I don’t know. How about her husband and former president Bill Clinton stating at a rally that “Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world?” It’s kinda hard to fight an ogre if a member of the anti-ogre defense team keeps feeding it.

Bill Clinton is a master campaigner. He ran circles around Republicans in the 1990’s and totally drove them insane. To this day they’re still investigating the Clintons and recycling rumors and stupid jokes from 20 years ago, like drawing him in heart-decorated boxers. Did I do that? Anyway…What he doesn’t do as well is campaign for other people.

Two years into his presidency he lost the House and Senate in what at the time was the largest flip of congressional control in U.S. history. Democrats weren’t able to take them back until George W. Bush was in office.

Bill Clinton is a lot of fun…for cartoonists. I’m sure the White House and Clinton campaign are having lots of fun trying to repair the damage Willie just inflicted.

I drew this cartoon twice. Ack. I wasn’t happy with the flow of the artwork in the first one. It was too stiff. So I destroyed it and started over. Unfortunately by that time it was 4:00 AM. I’m really tired and the tacos I had for dinner didn’t last and now I’m hungry again.

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Epic Epipen Price Gouging


I’m allergic to something but I haven’t figured out what it is yet. Every six months or so I break out all over. I don’t know if it’s from alcohol, laundry detergent, patchouli on a skanky girl? I just don’t know but Benadryl always takes care of it, knocks me out and I have a great nap. But my life isn’t threatened by a bee sting or from whiffing a peanut. Thankfully, Benadryl is sold over the counter and isn’t expensive and it taste kinda like a Five-Hour Energy…which I’m pretty sure doesn’t make me break out.

For people whose lives can be threatened by an allergic reaction, the Epipen can be a life saver. Since neither I or my son ever needed the product, I had to do some research before creating my cartoon.

The pen used to be sold in a single pack and it cost around $50 to $60. Then doctors recommended buying them in pairs since one pen might turn out to be a dud, so the company that marketed the pens started to sell them only in pairs. The pen has a shelf life of about a year so eventually you’ll have to buy them again. That expensive pen you bought may not have even been used if you managed to get through the year without encountering chunky peanut butter.

Then Mylan came along, bought the company, registered in the Netherlands (tax reasons, yo), and jacked the price up 500% so a pair of pens will cost you around $600. Their CEO, Heather Bresch, daughter of United States senator from West Virginia Joe Manchen, had her salary increased from $2 million to $18 million. Yowzah!

What’s a price-gouging corporate CEO to do under such public outrage? Blame Obamacare. Never mind that it only costs the corporation around a dollar to create each pen, and that the price in Canada is around $50, or that Mylan was actually trying to jack the price even higher after a competitor folded.

Bresch does have one defender. Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli, the CEO who jacked up the price of Daraprim over 5,000%, believes the Epipen’s price is too low.

Once upon a time the leeches were thought to be a cure and not the CEOs of major pharmaceutical companies.

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Obamacare’s Here To Stay…Among Other Things


Yeah, I’m a jerk.

I had a couple of other ideas. I bounced them off some friends and while I didn’t get any “mehs”, I didn’t detect any enthusiasm. I try better than “meh.”

Here’s those two ideas.


I kinda liked this one…but just kinda. It didn’t make laugh.


The dog represents Republicans. I did laugh at this one but I was afraid I’d be the only one. That’s happened before. I’ll probably bring this idea back in the future with another topic. Neutering is funny…unless you’re the one being neutered.

Here’s the rough on the final idea.