Unclaimed Baggage


Can you recall each and every single mass shooting and the locations listed in this cartoon? Do you remember the number of those killed by guns? Do you know the victims’ names? You don’t and you can be excused from that. I didn’t recall each of them before I created this. It’s because there’s been too many.

San Bernardino, 14 dead. Colorado Springs, three dead. Roseburg, Oregon, nine dead. Chattanooga, five dead. Charleston, nine dead. Isla Vista, six dead. Fort Hood (two different attacks) 16 dead. Washington, DC, 12 dead. Santa Monica, five dead. Newtown, 27 dead. Oak Creek, six dead. Aurora, 12 dead. Oakland, seven dead. Seal Beach, eight dead. Tucson (two different attacks), nine dead. Manchester, eight dead. Binghamton, eight dead. Dekalb, five dead. Omaha, eight dead. Virginia Tech, 32 dead. Columbine, 13 dead. Killeen, 22 dead. Edmond, 14 dead. San Ysidro, 21 dead. Minneapolis, six dead. Orlando, 50 dead. And from last Friday we have Fort Lauderdale with five dead (at this time).

This cartoon presents a small sampling of mass shootings in the U.S. That’s 340 deaths from guns listed here. They were all killed in places where the National Rifle Association, Republicans, and our president-elect believe there should be more guns.

These events fade from our memories as more massacres are added to the list. The NRA should remember each location, number of deaths, and the names of the victims. It should haunt their dreams. Instead they use the blood to raise more money to feed to more Republicans which in turn creates more gun deaths.

The NRA wants to forget their baggage and deny their responsibility. We should make it our duty that they never forget.

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  1. Unfortunately, as bad as the butcher bill is in that pile of luggage, you left out the Waco shootout a couple years ago between two motorcycle gangs at a Twin Peaks restaurant.


  2. Yeah, but if you point this out to them, they’ll just say that everybody else, the “good guys,” should have had guns too…. (Hey, it works in places like Somalia, right?)

    Liked by 1 person

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