A Postcard From The Edge


Yes your obit cartoon hating cartoonist couldn’t let the passing of Carrie Fisher go without a cartoon. What else would you expect from a Star Wars fan boy who’s still thrilled by this space saga from his childhood?

I was saddened when Fisher had a heart attack last week but I was holding out hope (no pun intended) that she would pull through after her mother said she was in stable condition. It was not to be. 2016 wasn’t done yet.

I don’t need to go into Fisher’s career and biography. Plenty of other sites are doing that for you. I’ll tell you what impressed me the most and no, it wasn’t the gold bikini from Episode 6 (though that has always stayed with me).

I was always impressed that Fisher was very candid about her life, addictions, humor, and her talent went beyond acting. She was a great writer with her book “Postcards From The Edge” receiving huge acclaim. She was a script doctor who often worked without a credit. She even doctored the scripts for the Star Wars prequels (don’t blame her).

Carrie was tough. Even her most iconic character was never a damsel in distress.

Another part of my and probably your childhood passes away again.

Personal note and a gripe: I went to see Rogue One yesterday. Some friends invited me and I took an Uber to the theater as I thought we might visit a bar later. I thought the day after Christmas was a bad day to see a movie and I was right. My friends got tickets but I did not. So I turned around and took another Uber home. That was fifteen bucks to not see a movie. Then today while reading posts on Facebooks about Carrie Fisher some nimrod dropped a spoiler for Rogue One. That really adds to my aggravation. But I hope my friends enjoyed the movie.

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  1. One of my memories was, oddly enough, in regards to her mother, who had just gotten rave reviews for a straight drama role in Mother. Some reviewer said they didn’t know she had it in her. Carrie’s tribute started with a reference to that reviewer: “As one of the few people here tonight who has actually been in Debbie Reynolds, I can say You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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  2. UGH. People who give away spoilers of huge movies while they’re still in theaters should be slathered in honey & staked to an ant hill.

    I still haven’t had a chance to see Rogue One. We were going to go Friday, but family drama put that on hold. We always buy our tickets ahead of time & the theaters had sold a ton of tickets last week.

    Now we’ve decided to wait until the little buggers go back to school. I hope you get to see it soon too!!!


  3. Liked her first couple books…I assume exploits of some of her characters were situations she’d experienced herself. Talented person — will miss her.


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