Gatlinburg Wildfires


Parts of the South are currently suffering from record droughts and wildfires are burning in every southeastern state. Wildfires in Gatlinburg and surrounding communities in eastern Tennessee has damaged hundreds of buildings and forced thousands to evacuate their homes overnight. More than 14,000 people have evacuated Gatlinburg alone.

A big cause for all of this is Climate Change. Drier summers lead to more fires. Ignoring and denying Climate Change doesn’t work as the world literally will burn around you.

Conservatives love to point at snowfall and cold winters as proof Climate Change isn’t real and it’s all a big hoax. Republican senator Jim Inhofe is actually the ranking member of the Senate committee for the environment. This knucklehead once threw a snowball on the senate floor to prove Climate Change doesn’t exist. I challenge Senator Inhofe to take a snowball to Gatlinburg this week and give it a toss there.

Our planet has gone through ages of discovering and enlightenment. I’m concerned that we’re entering one in this nation that’s an age of denial and stupidity.  Stupidity has lobbyists.

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  1. I’d rather toss Inhofe into Gatlinburg, or anywhere else that’s on fire. The idea that he’s in charge of the Senate committee on the environment is the worst appointment since Caligula made his favorite horse a consul… though at least Incitatus couldn’t *help* leaving manure on the Senate floor.

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  2. Why do you think environmentalists changed the name of “global warming” to “climate change?” The shifts in weather has been so severe… but calling it warming didn’t take into account the severe storms.

    Having lived through Superstorm Sandy & the 55′ snowfall we had last year, I’m gonna go with… that s*** is real.

    Also, I could make you a snowball right now if you want… I just have to scrape together some freezer burn. 😉 😛

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    1. The term “warming” was really confusing dumbasses. It gave them another excuse to further their ignorance and stupidity.

      Thanks for the snowball offer but I’m good. I’m sure I’ll be able to make my own at some point this winter. Now if you can send me the ice maker from your freezer we might be in business.

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      1. Pshaw. A lot of things confuse dumba**es. That’s why they’re dumba**es. & there are so many in this country. & now we have one as the president-elect.

        I’d better say that now before Herr Trump makes it illegal.

        My freezer, unfortunately, doesn’t have an ice maker. Lots of freezer burn, but no ice maker. Then again, the thing is like … 20 years old. But I can’t get rid of it because they don’t make ’em that big anymore. LOL

        How about I send you a snow-cone maker? LOL


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