The House That Love Built…Or Not.


During Michelle Obama’s incredible speech at the Democratic National Convention she mentioned that she lives in a house that slaves built. Immediately there was a conservative backlash. Seriously, what kind of butt-faced ogre troglodyte defends slavery?

Bill O’Reilly, that’s who.

Bill O’Reilly is a very intelligent man. He says so himself. But he’s also a butt head and he has a penchant for distorting information, or what we commonly refer to in the media as “lying.” Billy was upset over Michelle stating that slaves built the White House. Hardly anyone is arguing that it’s a fact. They just hate that it’s brought up, or in this case, criticized. How dare someone criticize slavery!

Funny thing. These mooks complain about Black Lives Matter and state that African Americans should get the chip off their shoulder and get over slavery. Yet you have jerkoids on the number one cable news show defending slavery. O’Reilly states how well the White House slaves were fed and taken care of. Screw that free will as long as I get a sandwich and a comforter.

It’s funny and quite bizarre that the people who state racism isn’t that big of a deal anymore, or that it doesn’t even exist, are the very same people who are waving Confederate flags and defending slavery.

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