Serving Russians


I’m kinda afraid this idea is obvious and some else will draw it. I gambled.

See! Not everyone who supports Trump is a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, troglodyte, dumbass. Some people who want Trump to win are actually aware it’ll destroy the United States, and that’s their objective.

Short blog again. Still doing this sans keyboard. It’s in the mail.

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  1. Love your work. P.S.- The so-called DNC “experts” saying that the Wikileaks hacked emails came from Russia? Julian Assange has some hilarious words for that.

    JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, what’s not in that [video] clip there by Robby [Robby Mook, Hillary spokesman] is that, just afterwards, he was asked by Jake Tapper, “Who are these experts? Can you name them?” The answer was no, a refusal to name the experts. But we have seen one of the experts, so-called experts, that the Democratic Party is trying to base its incredible conspiracy theory on about WikiLeaks. And that is this—what we jokingly refer to as the NSA dick pic guy.”

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