UCLA Active Shooter


One guy attempts to smuggle a bomb in his shoe aboard an airplane and now we all have to remove our shoes for sniffing before we’re allowed to board. In 1982 seven people were killed because some psycho laced Tylenol with Cyanide and that led to changes in over-the-counter substances and reforms to anti-tampering laws. Twisted Sister dropped an F-bomb on an album full of really bad music and now we have Parental Advisory labels to tell kids which albums they want to purchase (if they still purchased albums). I bet zoos even construct larger moats around Gorilla pits now.

Even perverted imaginations are changing laws. Right wing nut jobs who can’t stop thinking about gay sex imagines an adult males posing as a transgender female so they can commit rape in a public restroom. It hasn’t happened but they’re still creating hate laws to prevent it.

Back in the early 1990’s Republicans attempted to create a federal law to protect the American flag. They were all upset about people burning and desecrating the flag. Never mind that burning the flag is federally protected free speech. But during all this outrage and rush to protect the flag from filthy hippies and unpatriotic pyromaniacs from burning it, nobody was actually firing them up. The law was never created. Our flag is still there. Zippo sales have remained steady.

Laws concerning the flag and bathrooms are designed to distract and to get people to the polls. Republicans in swing states would even put anti-gay marriage proposals on ballots during presidential years so more conservatives would come out and vote, and while protecting us from gay marriage they’d also put the dullest bulb from Texas into the White House. They’re also designed to create divisiveness. Republicans love being divisive while accusing others of being divisive. It’s kinda like them accusing people of playing the race card while they’re the ones doing and saying racist stuff.

Multiple shootings killing children followed by even more multiple shootings leads to basically no changes to protect people from gun deaths. You can still buy guns at gun shows and from the internet. You can still buy cartridges with virtually no limit for capacity.

Guns are made to kill. People buy them for protection but they’re made to protect yourself by killing someone else. People love to point out that cars kill more people, but cars aren’t designed to kill. An automobiles sole purpose is not to destroy a life. That is a gun’s purpose. Did you actually believe it’s created to shoot a piece of paper with a circle drawn on it? People don’t wage war with feather dusters.

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  1. Clay, in your 5/31 post at gocomics, “WHAT APOLOGY?” you used the term, ‘nutjobs’ taking issue with a few posters and pointed out in the comments venue: “To all you nutjobs asking if Germany and Japan ever apologized, yes. Many times. Use the Google machine. You obviously have the internet. You can use it find out stuff you may not want to know as well as posting comments underneath political cartoons.” – A well crafted response to those aforesaid nutjobs.
    In this post you use the term, ‘nut jobs’ – I can only assume you got totally wasted on your birthday yesterday. You were no doubt in your favorite seat at your favorite drinking hole, drawing your cartoon for today on your Samsung tablet, were about to type ‘nutjobs’ and got as far as nut, passed out momentarily, your nose hitting the space bar bringing you out of your drunken stupor and carrying on with you blog.
    I hope a fun time was had on your birthday and you are hangover free.

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    1. I wasn’t out yet when I wrote the blog post. I was sitting at home and totally sober when I made this mistake. And I didn’t even get drunk yesterday after I drew the cartoon.

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  2. A) CA doesn’t have “rabid bathroom phobia” that I know of. B) It was a murder/suicide, not an active shooter running around.


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