Feeling The Bern


A lot of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are feeling a bit burned today. It’s over. Those who don’t feel burned are the ones in denial. They can take consolation that the burn they feel today is nothing compared to what Republicans are going to experience in November.

Bernie Sanders started off as a fringe candidate. I like to remind people when one of my predictions comes true, like predicting Bernie wouldn’t get the nomination (which was not a bold forecast). I’ll also point out that I was wrong at the start of Bernie’s “fringe” campaign. I drew a cartoon of Hillary’s campaign with her “Scooby Van” flush with cash, and Bernie’s campaign living in a “van by the river,” focusing on how he wouldn’t be able to raise money. Despite that cartoon being widely read at the time, and even making USA Today, talk about being wrong.

Bernie proved a lot of people wrong. Bernie Sanders set new records, and changed the landscape on fundraising. He avoided super pacs and corporate funding, with the bulk of his campaign’s support coming from individual donors. Sanders states every day that the average contribution is $27.00. That is impressive.

Bernie ran a great campaign. No other candidate drew crowds as big as Bernie’s. Donald Trump always says nobody gets them like me and Bernie. Trump, you draw good crowds but nobody gets them like Bernie. Bernie should be proud and so should his supporters.

Sanders is changing the focus of his campaign on the issues he supports being included in the Democratic Party’s platform. Those issues range from a $15.00 minimum wage, free college, and ending corporate campaign funding. The Democratic Party would be wise to include each of those issues in the platform. To be honest, if Hillary Clinton adopts his core issues she would have a better chance of implementing them than a President Sanders. Really.

Bernie is still campaigning. He’ll see his campaign all the way through California. Hillary’s campaign would be smart not to begrudge him that.

Sanders may pretend he’s still vying for the nomination, but it’s over. There is no possible path for that to happen unless a fake GOP conspiracy about Hillary actually comes true.

I am really glad Bernie Sanders ran for president. I share his views on pay, equality, race, campaign finance, and education. I’d like to see those advanced. If they poll well enough, then Hillary Clinton will push them too. That is the biggest thing about Clinton I’m not a fan of.

OK, Sanders supporters. Let me have it. You’re running out of opportunities.

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  1. You’re not wrong about most of it. The only disagreement I have is that Hillary will actually do anything but lip service to the policies Sanders campaigned on. I’m not a democrat, and I’m not afraid of Trump. Independents, especially progressive ones, need a voice to call their own. Bernie tried using the Democrats to give them that, and it predictably worked about as well as it could. On the flip side, Hillary used Bernie to fool progressives into thinking the Democrats share their values. Hopefully the independents who support the Sanders campaign don’t fall for the trick. Jill Stein from the Green Party will not win, but if she gets enough support to tank Hillary’s campaign maybe we can have the revolution Sanders tried to sell.

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  2. If you don’t trust the status-quo, multi-millionaire, 1% candidate that the DNC insists that we MUST vote for because her coronation is already planned, you should know that we DO have the legal right to elect Bernie President as a write in candidate and we can give him an all Democrat House and Senate. Of course, that would require that you and I have the same level of courage as those who were brave enough to affix their real names to the Declaration. We already know that Bernie polls significantly stronger against Trump than Hillary does. About The Write-In Vote: http://m.dailykos.com/story/2015/7/21/1404380/-The-Write-In-Vote


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  3. Very good, Clay. I know you’re disappointed, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sure that only good will come from Bernie having run, though. His platform was exceptional and important. (I hope from now on there will be no hatchets between him and Clinton.)
    I’m just perplexed about one comment you made, though: “If they poll well enough, then Hillary Clinton will push them too. That is the biggest thing about Clinton I’m not a fan of.” Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t it what we hope, that the good ideas of any candidate will be adopted by the winner and improve eventual performance? Or do you think that the adoption is only lip-service that will go nowhere? I can’t bear to think that. Now if it were Trump you were referring to, I could see your point.
    I’d also like to ask you if you’ve addressed in cartoon format and/or blog the commonly expressed sentiment, “I don’t trust Hillary,” which I have always assumed emanated from Fox News and referred to the silly email “scandal” which I think they blew out of proportion. It always confused me because I wondered how anyone could think she was trying to sneak around by not using her official cell phone, when the omission would be so obvious if anyone cared to look. It seems to me she had little to gain except time saved, and why that would be a serious crime, I can’t imagine, especially when it seems that just about everybody in Washington has done the same. I know Fox News has blown it up as a serious security risk, but has anyone proven that there really was any damage? Or are they just trying to derail her candidacy? I’m sure you can shed some light on this issue for me! From what I’m hearing in Alabama, this issue has been and will be the biggest stumbling block to getting the votes of all the people who should be voting for her. I haven’t noticed anyone’s editorial cartoons that did anything but bash her on this issue. I hope I’m wrong.


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