Another Saudi Threat


Congress may pass a bill that really upsets Saudi Arabia. The bill is being referred to as the 9/11 bill and what it does is open protections sovereign nations have from being sued in U.S. courts. This means if someone pulls up a link between 9/11 and the government of Saudi Arabia then perhaps they can sue the monarchy.

That’s scary stuff to Saudi Arabia even though there has never been any connection made between that government and the terrorists or their actions on September 11, 2001.

Saudi Arabia is threatening to pull out $750 billion in treasury securities and other assets before they can be frozen in U.S. courts. Scary? Not really. They would have to sell all those assets and move them out of U.S. dollars. That’s a lot to move.

I think the larger question here, are we sure we have all the answers regarding Saudi Arabia and 9/11? I don’t think the Saudi kingdom was in on the plot, but did they create an environment that influenced the hijackers? Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens. Sure a lot of people can go bad. Americans and Europeans are joining ISIS. But 15 out of 19 is quite a number. The mastermind and financier of 9/11, Osama bin Laden was a Saudi.

The curriculum of a Saudi education includes hatred for “unbelievers.” There are calls for death to Jews, Christians, and Holy war. So you know if a gun manufacturer can be blamed for gun deaths, and a tobacco company’s advertising blamed for encouraging people to acquire cancer, Saudi Arabia may be on the hook for breeding an attack on U.S. soil.

I think $750 billion should cover it.

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