Mississippi Burning


Mississippi is about to take a test. The test will determine if they’re more ignorant and ass backwards than Georgia, and just as much as North Carolina.

Republican lawmakers in Mississippi really hate gay people. Let’s be fair. Maybe they don’t hate gay people. They just realize they can capitalize on their voters’ hatred.

The Mississippi law doesn’t just describe “religious freedom.” It very intentionally points out you can use religion as an excuse to discriminate against anyone who is gay, in a gay marriage, or a “gay lifestyle.”

The bill is called “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act.” which means, you can’t be discriminated for discriminating against gay folks. The legislation would allow businesses and religious groups to deny the LGBT community certain services such as counseling, wedding planning and adoption support. It would also protect those groups from punishment if they act “consistent with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” Man, you really gotta hate someone not to take their money. The Soup Nazi could move to Mississippi and literally be a Soup Nazi.

North Carolina just passed a bill targeting transgenders and their use of public bathrooms. Georgia and South Dakota passed similar bills but their governors said no. I suspect Georgia governor Nathan Deal vetoed it because of business pressure. He really doesn’t want The Walking Dead to start filming in another state.

I love Mississippi. My son was born in Mississippi and he currently lives there. My career started in that state. The Panolian is my journalism education and I had great teachers who I still consider family. I love them very much. I made friends in the journalism community all over the state and my ran in newspapers from Biloxi on the Gulf Coast to DeSoto County on the Tennessee border. I met a lot of readers in Mississippi. Some of the smartest and most talented people in the world come from Mississippi. Those people are not in the state legislature which is continuing the stereotype of Mississippi being populated by backward, racists, inbred, toothless hicks who marry their sisters. Thanks, legislature. You would think that with the state’s long sordid history of racism that the government wouldn’t create new laws to hate.

I really hope this cartoon doesn’t lose me any clients in Mississippi, or anywhere else. I should send it to every editor in the state who doesn’t subscribe to my work just to give them an early stir to start their Wednesday morning.

Story time: When I worked at The Free Lance-Star here in Fredericksburg, VA, our editor had a policy that we couldn’t publish any images of a noose. I discovered this by drawing a cartoon, and it being published, with a noose. It’s funny how you learn things. The cool thing was I didn’t get in trouble. My editor got in trouble. He got a demerit or something like that on an employee evaluation for approving my cartoon. Apparently I was just a monkey boy who wasn’t responsible for my own actions. FLS had a LOT of no-nos I discovered over the years. You’ll be glad to know that after that I got in trouble plenty of times.

This cartoon was drawn while listening to the first four Van Halen albums. There isn’t a better song to listen to while cross hatching than Atomic Punk.

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  1. People must understand that this bill is NOT just about the LGBTQ community. This bill states that ANY sexual activity, outside of a recognized heterosexual/straight marriage will now be grounds for religious discrimination. Unmarried couple living together, sorry no apartment for you because…Jesus. Interracial couple? Sorry you offend my values because…Jesus. Need medical/counseling/psych services? are you Muslim/Jewish/agnostic/aetheist? Ooops sorry no can do because…Jesus. This bill is so much more than just not letting gay people get married. Open your eyes Mississippi!

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    1. If a baker doesn’t believe in your life style, why would you want them to bake your cake for your wedding? When there are plenty of bakers that do agree and would love to bake it. I don’t care if two men get married doesn’t effect my marriage but I don’t believe it’s right. You will now call me a bigot but what’s funny is a have gay customers and treat then like my other customers. Some even know how I feel and we talk and joke in their homes. Now you still want to call me a bigot seems like you are the bigoted intolerant one. Just because some one doesn’t agree with your life style and doesn’t want to take part in it doesn’t make them a bigot . Now if the baker doesn’t want to sell you donuts or a birthday cake then he is wrong and bigoted, and you wanting to force some one to take part in your life style is too


      1. Why not treat everyone the same, with respect and compassion? Oh wait, your religion is getting in the way of that. I thought religion was supposed to make you a better person? Maybe it did, old school. Evangelicals have morphed into Evil-gelicals, just like Barry Goldwater predicted.

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      2. I’ve had the same question and I got the answer. Some towns are so small and/or isolated that there may be only one baker in the immediate area. It may be their only option financially. Having to travel or order online can, and usually does, raise the cost significantly. Just my 2 cents.


  2. It’s not discrimination it’s basically making clear the first amendment rights. Do your homework. Any business can refuse service to anyone for any reason it’s just saying you can’t sue me for doing so. Fucked up cartoon as well you’re an idiot.


    1. Actually, it is illegal to refuse service, employment or accommodations to many kinds of people just because you’re bigoted against them: women, black people (remember the lunch counter sit-ins?), Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Christians, Muslims, unmarried people, married people… So this bill is specifically singling out LGBT people and saying “Discriminate away! All you have to do is say it’s your religion to hate gay people!”


    2. You mean like the Jim Crow laws of yesteryear? I am not so sure you understand what the First Amendment to the US Constitution means. Do have a wonderful day, know I will not have a good day because I am a Mississippian.


      1. It is NO different from Jim Crow Laws. Have you noticed that these laws and the Confederate History Month came in the wake of them taking a symbol that represented a very dark time, down? I lived in MS long ago. Some of the very people wanting to persecute gays are the same ilk I used to see after dark in the out of the way parks doing all manner of things they judge others for. A little brown girl can hide very well on a tree limb after dark. Don’t believe them. This was just an endrun around Jim Crow. The governor of MS was heavily funded by the NRA. The current president of the NRA just announced not a year ago that, ‘it won’t be long before we can own coloreds, again.’ He actually said it. Make no bones about it. These so – called Christians found a way to persecute who they really want to persecute without openly displaying the “colored only” signs. They are angry and they don’t see they are repeating the same mistake over 200k poor whites made when they went to war so less than 20 Plantation barons could retain their livelihood. And when the dust settled, those 200k suffered more than the people they fought for and hated.

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    3. Gus, there is something called the Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court has interpreted that Clause as prohibiting a business from “refusing service to anyone for any reason.” Use your own judgment as to what will happen to this law.


  3. lets pull back from the knee jerk reaction yall are having…….the bill simply states that a business can refuse service if and only if it goes against the business owners religious beliefs IE: making a gay ceremony cake by a Christian baker. you can also input Jewish, Islamist, or whatever. without the fear of being sued. people start businesses with their own money, and sweat, if they don’t make it they fold, the Government does not come in and help them out. yes a business can get government backed LOANS that have to be paid back. the goal of a business is to make money, they cannot force you to patronize their establishment so why is it okay to sue them for not wanting to pander to your business? the discrimination law was to keep from discriminating from people of a different race (which i wholeheartedly agree), others have added the sexual orientation and other items to suit THEIR lifestyle, and if you do not agree with them then you have a phobia about them (having a phobia about something means you are afraid of it..look it up) I am a Christian!!! am i holier that thou NO!!! am i perfect NO!!! am i forgiven YES!! only by God’s Grace!!!
    i see the baker situation was presented lets delve into that a little further….there were other bakers in the same town (so the go out of town, and have to travel for a cake which jacks up the cost argument is mute) the persons suing stated that they were making a stand IE: wanting money and fame (not caring who they hurt, or put out of business). what if the bakers were Islamist???? oooops sorry i spoke out of political correctness no one DARES to try to get an Islamist to bake a gay ceremony cake, let alone sue them for not doing it. you say that a business cannot refuse service to anyone???? then why is the sign on the door of restaurants, convenience stores, and some retail stores stating no shirt, no shoes, no service????


    1. Who built the road in front of their business. Who pays the police and fire to protect their business. You get the idea.


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