Washington State Photo Bomb


I drew this cartoon for The Seattle Times Sunday edition.

Washington’s retiring Superintendent of Public Instruction, Randy Dorn, might throw his hat into the governors race as an independent.

Governor Jay Inslee isn’t very popular right now but he’s still running for reelection. He’ll probably win as the state is very blue. His opponent is moderate Republican Bill Bryant. Dorn wants to put the focus of the race on education.

He has a good argument. Dorn argues that neither Republicans or Democrats have fully funded education. The state supreme court held the state in contempt for failing to fund education. A later decision slammed the state, the governor and Republican led legislature with a $100,000-a-day fine.

Funding education in Washington is required by law. If the current leaders aren’t living up to that, Dorn will appeal to a lot of voters with his proposal that education has “first dibs” at the state budget.

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One comment

  1. Want to help a child get an education?
    Want to help a child make a living?
    As a politician why should I care about children?
    They are not old enough to vote for me.
    They don’t have the money to help my candidacy.
    So sayeth those in the legislature.

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