Snowmaggedon 2016


I hate weather cartoons. But this is a bit beyond weather since it’s the only thing anyone is talking about on the East Coast. It’s also very dangerous and it threatens lives. On top of all that, my dog won’t poop outside.

I might have used this idea before. Maybe someone else did too. I figured it was quite appropriate since Sarah Palin blamed Obama for her son’s PTSD. No word yet if she blames Obama for putting an AR-15 with him inside her house.

At this point I’m mostly glad I finished the cartoon before my power goes out.

Hang in there my fellow East Coasters. Stop posting photos of snow on Facebook. I know what it looks like. So does my dog.

Did you like this cartoon? Want to help a cartoonist make a living? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through Paypal. I need to buy pens, paper, sandwiches, and dog food. The starving cartoonist and his Beagle appreciates it. If you’ve donated in the past, THANK YOU!!!


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