Will The Real Miss Universe Please Stand Up?


For the first time in my life, I know which nation is represented by Miss Universe. Uh….I think I do.

On Sunday night Steve Harvey crowned Miss Colombia as Miss Universe. Then discovered he read the card incorrectly. He then took the crown, sash and flowers away from Miss Colombia and gave them to Miss Philippines. Seriously, Steve Harvey, you had ONE job to do. Now he’s pissed off a nation with a specific type of necktie named after it.

A lot of people said Steve Harvey finally did something funny. I actually found it painful to watch. He later tweeted an apology where he misspelled both, Colombia and The Philippines.

I have never liked Steve Harvey. I don’t think he’s funny. He’s typical of what people with low standards find funny. The sort of person who thinks Jay Leno is funny and watches Two Broke Girls. Since I’m not a fan of Harvey, and think his past comments regarding women, atheists, dating, and life in general, exhibits just how closed minded and ignorant he really is, I was going to enjoy making fun of him. I decided to avoid an analogy with a political issue (for now) and just have some fun with it.

My first idea was to draw Steve Harvey giving the GOP nomination to Jeb Bush then realizing he made a mistake. Funny, right? So why didn’t I draw that? Because it was my first idea and I knew it would be other cartoonists’ first idea too. Sure enough, there are at least four cartoons out right now with variations of that idea and there will be more. I don’t know if I’m bothered more that readers and editors will think it’s unique and brilliant, or that the cartoonists (after several decades in the business) think it’s unique and brilliant. I’m sure there are several other cartoonists who also thought of the idea and chose not to draw it because they actually care about originality.

Let’s hope Steve Harvey isn’t announcing this year’s winner for the Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning.

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