Ben Carson And A Grain Of Truth


There’s something going on with Ben Carson. Liberals are playing with theories. They range from the man is brilliant but maybe an idiot savant, he only knows one thing but he knows it’s really well, he’s a freaking idiot, he’s a sociopath. Carson supporters tend to ignore it.

News came out Dr. Carson stated seven years ago that the Egyptian pyramids were not built to serve as tombs, but to store grain. You would think if you Googled “Carson” and “Pyramid” that the word “scheme” would show up. But anyway, It’s a God thing for Carson. I really don’t like to disrespect anyone’s faith but it’s hard when people use it to justify their stupidity.

Intelligent people are actually having to spend time explaining why this ridiculous Pyramid belief is not true. But does Carson still feel that way? You bet he does. He doubled down on it. He also stated that many scientists believe aliens built the pyramids. Now I don’t think the man knows what is a scientist.

Let’s waste a little space and play with crazy: The pyramids are not hollow. Scientists don’t believe aliens built them. The Egyptians actually wrote what the Pyramids were for. The Pyramids purpose is not a mystery. It’s not Stonehenge but someone should ask Dr. Carson about that. Maybe he’ll say Jesus built them as a testament that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to sing karaoke.

Today many people are thinking Carson is crazy, yet it may not be the most baffling thing he’s claimed.

This man has stated he’s qualified to serve as president because the Titanic, which sank, was built by professionals. Noah’s Ark was built by amateurs. Got a headache yet? The Titanic was real. Noah’s Ark is mythology. And I don’t care how much God has faith in guy, I’d rather take a Carnival cruise than ride on a wooden boat built by a 300-year-old man.

He’s also stated people go into prison straight and come out gay.

He claims he never had an involvement with a company selling snake oil despite being paid by them to give speeches and being prominently featured on their website.

He’s stated Obamacare is worse than slavery. That’s red meat for Republicans.

He believes Fox News has saved the United States from becoming another Cuba.

He doesn’t understand the debt ceiling. He’s believes Congress can remove Supreme Court Justices if they rule an opinion the majority of citizens don’t like.

While saying people should rush shooters he described an incident when he had a gun pulled on him in a Baltimore Popeyes (which he did not rush and told the gunman he needed to rob the man behind the counter). The Baltimore police say they can’t verify the incident ever happened.

Speaking of being unable to verify stuff Carson claims: He says he was violent when he was younger. He attacked his mother once and his brother pulled him off. He attacked people with rocks, bricks and baseball bats. He once attempted to stab as fellow student when he was a teenager. CNN tried talked to people who knew Carson when he was younger and not one person can remember him ever being a hostile person. It’s called lying.

A lot of conservatives have this narrative that Obama came out of nowhere. That nobody knew him when he was younger, as a kid, as a high school or college student. That’s really not true but they still believe it. It will be interesting to see how these people handle Carson’s fictional violent childhood as a member of The Warriors.

I don’t know what’s funnier. The stuff Carson says or the fact he’s leading in a lot of polls.

I’m OK with Carson and Trump leading the polls. If Republicans are too stupid to nominate someone with real talent, and a real danger of winning, like Marco Rubio then that’s fine with me.

Update: I would say I have good timing, except a Ben Carson lie can come out on any given day. Now it turns out he lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point. As it turns out, there’s no record of him even applying for a scholarship must less being offered one. In fact, there’s no such thing as a “full scholarship” which is what Carson wrote he was offered in his book. His campaign is actually admitting it’s not true. Carson is also lashing out at the media for looking into his past and claims he’s made. How dare reporters report. Can’t the man just make crap up and get away with it? What’s wrong with society that we can’t just take a candidate for president at his word?

One of the crazy things I wanted to mention about Carson (and I forgot because there’s so many) is his claim that none of the signers of the Declaration Of Independence had any experience to elected office. As facts work out (those pesky facts), out of the 51 signers, 27 are proven to have served in elected office. Math was my weakest subject but I’m pretty sure 27 is a lot more than none.


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