Farewell, Jon Stewart


Michael Cavna of the Washington Post writes a blog about cartoons and yesterday he wrote about Jon Stewart’s influence on political cartoonists and he provides a lot of quotes from a few of my colleagues (some of us suffer from a lack of brevity, myself included at times).

Most of them talk about how he hasn’t influenced them, or that he should have hit liberals more, but they all seem to be fans.

I’m a fan too. I tend to watch videos of his monologues on the internet instead of watching his show. I got to the point where I didn’t want to hear his take on an issue before I took a stab at it. I’d watch his shtick after I’d draw my cartoon. If I watched him bash an issue before I got my idea then I’d feel like there wasn’t any ideas left after Stewart. That’s not true of course but I would feel depleted, so I stopped watching new episodes of The Daily Show.

Cavna and others pondered how Stewart would fared as a political cartoonist if he could draw. First off, unlike Stewart and The Daily Show we don’t have a staff of writers (except for those guys who steal ideas). Second, if he was a political cartoonist, even the most brilliant, he’d probably be unemployed publishing his cartoons on a website while scrounging for newspaper clients to print his cartoons.

And on that part about not hitting liberals enough: That’s because liberals aren’t as stupid, moronic and funny as Republicans. It’s the most pompous who need to be taken down.

But don’t feel too bad about Stewart leaving The Daily Show. I’ll stick around.

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