Corona Passover


Fact: Everybody who has died from the coronavirus was going to die eventually anyway.

Honestly, I expect Fox News to pick that up and run with it. The new conservative Trump cult fucknut talking point is that covid-19 is being given too much credit for killing people. Fox News and others are pointing out that some people who have died from the virus had other ailments.

Diseases kill. Sometimes, a disease makes you die from something else. Many AIDS victims actually die from pneumonia…which is a complication of AIDS. It’s the same thing with the coronavirus.

I was wondering what the next fuckwit talking point was, but after engaging with a few conservatives the past few days, this is it. They’re back, if they ever stopped, to downplaying the pandemic, calling it a hoax, and saying it’s not as bad as the media is depicting. Based on their arguments, people die anyway.

The reason they want to downplay it is because it’s bad. It’s really bad. And, it’s especially bad for Donald Trump, their lord and savior. They’re arguing this was nothing to close the country down for and we’re killing ourselves over a hoax.

Yesterday, a friend pointed out that we don’t stop driving despite more people dying each year from drunk drivers than from covid-19…except he’s wrong. Covid-19 has killed more people in the past two months than drunk drivers kill in a year. And trust me, that’s a lot of people.

The only thing I haven’t put together yet is how they argue this is a hoax but accept that Donald Trump is, supposedly at least, taking it seriously. I asked one of them to explain it but she failed and went into a “but Obama” rant.

When we had early warnings of this, a lot of Trump cultists went into their whataboutism of Obama and referred to the H1N1 outbreak. They pointed out that it killed over 12,000 Americans. Some are still using that despite the fact that covid-19 has killed more Americans than H1N1. Even if our best estimates come true, it’ll kill five times as many Americans as H1N1. You can’t “but Obama” that.

The next talking point will be that we should just forget this ever happened. Donald Trump said that yesterday. Expect Fox News and your crazy uncle (in my case, demented sisters) to pick this up and run with it. The reason Donald Trump wants us to forget it ever happened is that it’s something he truly bungled. He keeps blaming others, like governors, China, the World Health Organization, Obama, the Media, etc. The fact is, it’s not his fault a pandemic hit us. It’s just his fault that we didn’t prepare for it. But if you’re a Trump cultist, you’ve probably already forgotten about it.

Saying something doesn’t exist is a lot easier than actually handling it…until you absolutely have to handle it. The best-case scenario in this situation would be for Donald Trump to go away and let someone else handle it.

Don’t listen to these Trump cultist medical experts. They believe the coronavirus is a hoax, yet Jesus came back to life after being dead for three days.

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Romping With Hannity


Now that Fox News’ Sean Hannity has abandoned his hunt for the “real” story in the murder of Seth Rich, he can apply his amazing journalistic instincts on another matter. Like defending Republicans who beat up journalists.

Hannity spent a week pursuing a story into the death of Rich, a staffer for the Democratic National Committee. It was a story that Fox News retracted and said it didn’t meet their journalistic standards.

The original story published May 16 reported as fact that Rich was actually the person who leaked tens of thousands of emails from the DNC to WikiLeaks and that his murder was tied to that action. Rich was shot and killed last July in Washington in what police describe as a “botched robbery.” There is no public evidence that even suggests he shared DNC emails with Wikileaks. The Rich family pleaded with Fox to stop spreading speculation without facts.

Fox eventually retracted the story, though without an apology. Hannity, however, on his radio show said that he retracts nothing and will continue to push the story. Hannity was relentless in pushing the bogus conspiracy theory and said that he “is not Fox News.” Later, on his TV show, he said that he would stop covering the issue “out of respect for the family’s wishes — for now.” It turns out he IS Fox News. That means his bosses, and probably a few lawyers clamped down on him. Also, advertisers are bailing on his show faster than if he was spotted at Bill O’Reilly’s strip-club-bachelor party.

Sean Hannity is not a real journalist. He was covering for Donald Trump and his Russia connections. It’s a sad state we’re in when the top-viewed news outlet hires hatchet men instead of reporters.

The press has never been popular. Every town’s newspaper has a derogatory nickname for it. But now it’s worse than ever. The president says the press is the “enemy of the American people” and he’s advocated changing the Constitution to change libel laws and imprison journalists. Your crazy uncle believes Breitbart has as much, or more, credibility than The Washington Post and The New York Times. CNN stands for the “Clinton News Network.” Republicans are body-slamming journalists and breaking their glasses.

The freedom the press enjoys is indicative to what sort of nation we live in. A free press means freedom to all. When that’s shut down or infringed upon, your freedom is next. The press’ freedom is your freedom. You need to understand that. It’s not just so Anderson Cooper can run wild and roll his eyes at Kellyanne Conway. It’s so you can live in a free nation where your right to know is not violated….or your right to report.

Apparently, you even have a lot of freedom to report lies. Ask Sean Hannity.

Creative notes: I started this cartoon last night and put it aside to draw my Hulk cartoon. I think I made the right choice but I still wanted to finish this. I called up my former FLS colleague Hilary and asked her where I should put the hyphens in “conspiracy.” Hilary is smarter than I am and she makes me write good (see what I did there? That’ll piss her off to no end).

Men’s rompers were in the news earlier this week. Do you know why? I don’t. If you find out, can you let me know what’s up with men’s rompers? I didn’t care enough to do any actual research into it. I just saw a bunch of posts on Facebook and then I Googled to see how many recent news stories came up. Quite a few. I didn’t read any of them but they were there.

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Roger Ailes, the man who crafted Fox News and reshaped the way cable news is presented, died Thursday at the age of 77.

There’s been a lot of comments about the genius of Ailes and how he tarnished his legacy with allegations of sexual harassment, which eventually ousted him from Fox. I disagree. His legacy was already tarnished.

A friend took the opportunity of Ailes’ death to post a comment on Facebook criticizing liberals who were rejoicing over the death of Ailes. He’s right that many on the left were downright gleeful, but he’s always strangely silent when conservatives are guilty of the same crime, celebrating at the death or illness of a Democrat.

Here’s the real irony my conservative “friend” will never catch: That is Roger Ailes’ legacy.

Conservatives love to play the victim card. They wail and whine how the media has a liberal bias. But they’re not advocating for an unbiased news outlet. Their answer to a supposed left-wing biased media is more biased media…except one that feeds their confirmation bias. Ailes fed that. Fox News is the media and it’s the largest in viewership, yet conservatives still play victim to the press. Snowflakes claim their voices aren’t heard.

Roger Ailes started as a political operative and he never stopped after he jumped into the news business. Many journalists credit Ailes for their careers, but so do Republican politicians. He’s had his finger in the election of every Republican president since Nixon. Even while leading “fair and balanced” Fox he was consulting with Republican presidents and candidates.

Ailes gave us Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. While there are agenda driven left-wing sites such as Occupy Democrats and Daily Kos, Fox News inspired the Daily Caller, TownHall, and Breitbart, and they’re all pissed off. Here’s the thing, Chuckles: If it’s a right-wing or left-wing news site, it’s not news. It’s propaganda. It’s divisive.

That is Roger Ailes’ legacy.

Enough with speaking ill of the dead. Let’s recognize the passing of a true artist. Let’s talk about…

Chris Cornell.

I’m a huge fan of music that comes from Seattle. It’s not a bias for the city or I’m carrying a love for flannel and frosty, wet weather that’ll depress the hell out of you. It’s that the artists who come from that corner of the Northwest were kinda isolated from what radio and MTV told us what was supposed to be popular and what we should listen to. While Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, are all classified as “grunge,” those four bands don’t sound much alike, and they didn’t sound anything like the music radio was telling us to absorb in the late 80s and early 90s. They ignored that and followed their own rules.

Cornell was a brilliant songwriter with a voice that soared above others. You can argue he was the best pure singer to come from the entire “grunge” scene with only Layne Staley from AIC being able to challenge him. That would be a good argument.

Cornell was a rock’n’roll bad ass. Years ago I was hanging with fellow musicians at an after party and the front man (who is a brilliant vocalist and songwriter in his own right) for another band, She Bites Dogs, was drunk and threw out a silly question. “If you’re not gay but had to sleep with a famous dude, who would it be?” He may have also been high. While every guy in the room was stumbling for an answer, he threw out an answer in a millisecond after his own question. He chose Chris Cornell. While we didn’t have time to think about it, it seemed it had been on his mind for a while. But it made sense. Cornell wasn’t just a really good-looking dude. He was cool. He was talented. He’s the kind of guy girls want and yes, guys would want to be. He didn’t even get too much shit when he cut off his long hair in the mid-90s, He was that cool. When you’re that cool, you can do whatever the hell you want.

Cornell has a legacy. Imagine the vocal abilities of Elvis in a format with a hard rocking band with songs that did not suck. Cornell’s vocal cords had balls. Soundgarden was pure fury with an intense depth musically and lyrically. Soundgarden is the band that Nickelback wishes they could be, but to be fair, every band probably wants to be Soundgarden. The first Soundgarden song that will come to mind for the casual listener is probably “Black Hole Sun,”  but there’s so much more they should check out. Check out the anger, screaming vocals, profanity, pure adrenaline rush, and banjo (yes. Banjo!), in Ty Cobb.

“Loud Love” is a great description for Soundgarden, yet there was more to Cornell than loud music. While still in Soundgarden and before they made it big, he put together Temple of the Dog, which was a collaboration between him and the future members of Pearl Jam that was a one-shot tribute to his roommate and friend Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone who died from a heroin overdose. Check out Chris dueting with a very young and inexperienced Eddie Vedder on “Hunger Strike.” After Soundgarden he had a solo career that a lot of his fans weren’t very fond of, as the music was a lot softer and, because he was cool and could do whatever he wanted, he covered Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. He also delivered an amazing version of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” Cornell formed Audioslave (he apparently likes hearing terms in band names) with the former members of Rage Against The Machine. It rocked but it didn’t come close to the innovation, brilliance, and pure hunger of Soundgarden. Soundgarden kicks ass.

Cornell died in Detroit Thursday from an apparent suicide while on a solo tour. He joins other Seattle music tragedies such as Staley, Cobain, and Hendrix. He wrote about death often such as in “Say Hello To Heaven” from Temple Of The Dog, “Like A Stone”, from Audioslave, and “Jesus Christ Pose”  from Soundgarden.

I’m sure Heaven is enthusiastic to say hello to Chris Cornell.

Creative note: This blog took a while because I wasn’t able to find all those links without listening to each song. I have to draw a cartoon today for The Seattle Times and The Costa Rica Star and I’ll be jamming to Chris’ music while I do so.

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Farewell, Jon Stewart


Michael Cavna of the Washington Post writes a blog about cartoons and yesterday he wrote about Jon Stewart’s influence on political cartoonists and he provides a lot of quotes from a few of my colleagues (some of us suffer from a lack of brevity, myself included at times).

Most of them talk about how he hasn’t influenced them, or that he should have hit liberals more, but they all seem to be fans.

I’m a fan too. I tend to watch videos of his monologues on the internet instead of watching his show. I got to the point where I didn’t want to hear his take on an issue before I took a stab at it. I’d watch his shtick after I’d draw my cartoon. If I watched him bash an issue before I got my idea then I’d feel like there wasn’t any ideas left after Stewart. That’s not true of course but I would feel depleted, so I stopped watching new episodes of The Daily Show.

Cavna and others pondered how Stewart would fared as a political cartoonist if he could draw. First off, unlike Stewart and The Daily Show we don’t have a staff of writers (except for those guys who steal ideas). Second, if he was a political cartoonist, even the most brilliant, he’d probably be unemployed publishing his cartoons on a website while scrounging for newspaper clients to print his cartoons.

And on that part about not hitting liberals enough: That’s because liberals aren’t as stupid, moronic and funny as Republicans. It’s the most pompous who need to be taken down.

But don’t feel too bad about Stewart leaving The Daily Show. I’ll stick around.