Jeb And Name Recognition


I watched Jeb’s speech today. He did a good job though I found humor in much of it.

He stated that only in America can a man meet a president on the day he’s born, and another on the day after. That’s like saying only in America can a guy who’s father and brother were both presidents can also be president.

Another fun one was when he criticized his opponents by saying we shouldn’t elect a Washington insider who created our current economic mess. He thinks we should elect the brother of the guy who created our current economic mess.

Who is this guy’s speech writer?

Jeb is running as outsider. No connection to Washington or privilege. Jeb Bush is trying to make everyone forget he’s a Bush. I think the only person he’s convinced so far is himself.

Another funny thing that happened today in the presidential campaign was Mitt Romney criticizing Hillary Clinton, stating she’s too rich be in touch with voters. Mitt Romney said that. Mitt Romney. Mitt, car elevator in his garage, Romney said that.  Maybe Evander Holyfield did land a hit to his head.

Here’s the rough. My first idea was to draw his logo with “JEB!” in huge letters and “Bush” in teeny tiny letters. Then I realized that’s gonna be drawn and sure enough, I already saw a couple.



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