No-Go Zone


Fox News being wrong about something isn’t something new. Foxnews apologizing for being wrong about something is quite unique.

This week Fox News claimed there are “no-go zones” in Europe, specifically England. These zones are supposed to be areas that’s entirely Muslim, very anti-Semitic, where they basically govern themselves, live under Sharia law and the police don’t both with. So yeah it was made up.

Fox News apologized and admitted it was a huge blunder.

Enter Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Yes, another politician from my home state made an ass out of himself. A couple weeks ago it was Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise for giving speeches to white supremacists.

Last year it was congressman Vance McAllister caught kissing a congressional aide. He decided he needed to focus on repairing his marriage so he announced he wouldn’t run for reelection, then changed his mind and ran for reelection and lost.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter was exposed as being a customer for prostitutes. He was reelected.

Then of course the state has one of the most famous crooks to ever serve as governor Edwin Edwards and let’s not bring up David Duke.

I digress; Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal took a Eurotrip and  gave a speech about these “no-go zones.” Of course it was later pointed out that he was wrong. He hasn’t corrected or explained himself so at this point he’s not wrong anymore, he’s lying.

This is what Republicans do. Even if they’re not making stuff up they’re trying to scare you. That’s Fox News’ specialty.


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