Ida Know


Hurricane Ida hit Port Fourchon, Louisiana on Sunday with 150-mph winds. She’s now a tropical storm passing through Mississippi and headed toward the mid-Atlantic states. Over one million homes and businesses are without power in Louisiana alone. Flash floods and tornadoes may be created on her tour through the south. So far, she’s responsible for four deaths.

As bad as Ida is, she’s not Katrina. That category 5 hurricane hit Louisiana with 174-mph winds, destroyed New Orleans, and killed at least 1,833 people. Ida was a category 4, which is still extremely bad, but this storm hit smaller communities. Yesterday, people in New Orleans were sweeping up and going for bicycle rides (according to The New York Times). People in smaller communities, like Grand Isle, LaPlace, and Houma, are recovering from extensive damage. The storm was strong enough to reverse the flow of the Mississippi River.

There will be people left without powers for days if not weeks. Another major concern is access to drinking water. Rescue teams are being sent by the governors of California and Massachusetts. Hopefully, FEMA does better with Ida than it did with Katrina. The first damage FEMA is trying to repair are rumors that FEMA will pay for motel rooms. They will not.

There is also a wrong number for FEMA being shared on social media. If you need disaster assistance from FEMA, the correct number is: 1-800-621-3362. You can also apply at DisasterAssistance.Gov.

I don’t have a lot to give you today outside of a silly cartoon that pokes fun of FEMA and swamps. I’m from Louisiana so I can get away with making fun of swamps. Seriously, I hope there are no more deaths or injuries caused by Ida and hopefully, the storms created in its wake through the next few days will be light.

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Watch me draw:

Photo Ops, Bad Optics, And Play-Doh


President Obama’s critics have jumped on his lack of an appearance to the flood zone in Louisiana. They compare his lack of visiting to President George W. Bush’s inaction to Hurricane Katrina. They’re wrong though in some ways they’re right.

Bush was heavily criticized partly for not going to Louisiana, but most of that came from him not ending his 30-day vacation a few days early and his inept response to Katrina. Obama on the other hand has done a good job providing federal aid to the state.

Trump visiting the state was positive in that it did bring attention to the flood which has ruined thousands of homes and killed at least 13 people. Other than that is was just a photo op for Trump to hand out Play-Doh for 49 seconds (which was about as long as I could make it through his speech last Saturday) and make cracks about Obama’s golf game.

If Obama had visited the state in the early stages it wouldn’t have accomplished much and probably had diverted resources away from helping those in need. He will be in Louisiana this Tuesday. The state’s governor asked that Trump, Obama, and Hillary Clinton stay away for a few days.

What doesn’t help the president are images of playing golf and telling reporters he’s having a great time in Martha’s Vineyard contrasted to footage of a woman being saved from drowning. He’s either tone deaf or really doesn’t care about the perception. Maybe he doesn’t care what the critics say. It’s not like they can hurt him. It’s difficult to differentiate between serious criticism of Obama like deals with Iran and disaster response to the ridiculousness of mom pants.

Perhaps the contrast should be that neither Obama or Hillary Clinton has attempted to use the tragedy and suffering in Louisiana to score political points as Trump did. It’s not that I think Trump doesn’t care about those affected by the flood. I don’t think Trump cares about anything but Trump.

Trump donated some money to the relief effort and brought attention to the issue. But handing out Play-Doh with Mike Pence for less than a minute doesn’t help anyone.

Though the Play-Doh may explain what’s going on with Trump’s hair.

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Heroes Of The Storm


I’m the cartoonist who usually doesn’t like positive cartoons but sometimes greatness needs to be acknowledged and commemorated.

I was thinking how Phelps and other Olympians win medals for what they do in water, while many in Louisiana are literally under water. Many who have lost their homes are too busy saving others to count their own losses. Those are heroes. I’m not taking anything away from those who compete and represent their nation in an athletic contest, but the real gold winners are in Louisiana this week.

Louisiana is my home state. I think of it often and more so this week. I miss the scenery, the bayous, po boys, gumbo, etouffee, crawfish, the spices, and even though most of the people there would disagree with me politically, I miss them too. This week they exhibited why they’re some of the greatest people in the United States.

And yes, they do make the best food in the world.

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Greater Threat Than ISIS


Ever since Obama said Climate Change is a greater threat than ISIS, conservatives have been giving him a lot of grief. The thing is, he’s right.

Stating the threat of Climate Change doesn’t discount the real danger ISIS poses. The dangers of Climate Change will last centuries. It can devastate cities and populations. I know we don’t like to think long term, especially at the cost of profit, but this is something that can’t be ignored. The problem is we have to think intelligently and as a culture, we’re not really that smart. Half of us can’t grasp the difference between climate and weather. Climate Change is also a lot more difficult to combat than terrorism. You can’t drop bombs on it or put a reward on its head.

This doesn’t mean we should ignore terrorism. Terrorism is another problem we have to deal with, but groups of Jihadists are not going to last as long as our climate. ISIS doesn’t even pose the most risks to us in the form of terrorism. You’re more likely to die from someone born in the United States who is not a Muslim and doesn’t give a crap about Palestine or Allah. But yet, half of us only want to focus on Islam. It’s easier to hate bad guys who don’t look like us. They’re also organized and even have a flag. That gives us a target. Domestic terrorists are not as organized. They tend to work alone and if they wave a flag, it’s the Gadsden or Confederate flag which just confuses everybody.

We need to focus on what’s more dangerous. That includes the climate. It also includes domestic terrorists and our proliferation of guns. Let’s put politics aside and forget the color, religion, and race of the terrorists. Let’s talk about it. Let’s propose solutions. Half of us won’t even acknowledge there is a crisis and fight any effort to make it more difficult for bad guys to buy guns.

I agree with conservatives that the president’s comments that ISIS was a JV team was pretty stupid and a sign he underestimated them. But he’s right about Climate Change. You can continue to mock him for it, but you’re laughing at him for being smarter than you. That makes you pretty stupid.

I had fun drawing this cartoon since I’m from Louisiana. I took a few creative liberties, the first being that Katrina happened before Obama’s presidency and the water has since lowered. The other liberty is the ability to see the Superdome from Bourbon Street. Yeah, it’s less than two miles from the French Quarter but you can’t really see it from the street. I especially had fun drawing the balconies and the assorted colors of some of the houses and buildings in the Big Easy. Now I just made myself homesick.

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Don’t Stand So Close


With the title of this blog I’m continuing the music theme I started at the beginning of this week. The first was on country music. Yesterday was a Republican rock band with “Free Bird.” Today’s title is “Don’t stand so close.” If you don’t know what song that’s from, well that just Stings.

No-Go Zone


Fox News being wrong about something isn’t something new. Foxnews apologizing for being wrong about something is quite unique.

This week Fox News claimed there are “no-go zones” in Europe, specifically England. These zones are supposed to be areas that’s entirely Muslim, very anti-Semitic, where they basically govern themselves, live under Sharia law and the police don’t both with. So yeah it was made up.

Fox News apologized and admitted it was a huge blunder.

Enter Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Yes, another politician from my home state made an ass out of himself. A couple weeks ago it was Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise for giving speeches to white supremacists.

Last year it was congressman Vance McAllister caught kissing a congressional aide. He decided he needed to focus on repairing his marriage so he announced he wouldn’t run for reelection, then changed his mind and ran for reelection and lost.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter was exposed as being a customer for prostitutes. He was reelected.

Then of course the state has one of the most famous crooks to ever serve as governor Edwin Edwards and let’s not bring up David Duke.

I digress; Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal took a Eurotrip and  gave a speech about these “no-go zones.” Of course it was later pointed out that he was wrong. He hasn’t corrected or explained himself so at this point he’s not wrong anymore, he’s lying.

This is what Republicans do. Even if they’re not making stuff up they’re trying to scare you. That’s Fox News’ specialty.

Hanging With Mr. Racist


The problem isn’t that the majority of the Republican party is racist. They’re not. The problem is that they appeal to racists. They cater to them. They seek their support. They make excuses for them. They create policies for them. They receive votes from them. They attend their parties.

Republican congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana (my home state. C’mon, guys! Really?) spoke to a racist organization in 2002. Today he says he didn’t realize they’re a right wing hate group. Yeah. How could anyone suspect a group named “European-American Unity and Rights Organization” as racist? The group even says they’re not racist. They are just chock full of white pride and are worried about black people getting pesky little things like rights and fair treatment. Usually when someone says they’re not a racist you’ll need to brace yourself for a racist remark.

Scalise is scheduled to be the House Republican Whip, the third highest ranking doofus in Congress. John Boehner supports him and wants him to remain whip. See? Republicans again not backing down from being affiliated with racists.

Good news for Scalise is that former Grand Wizard David Duke is defending him. Wait, that’s not good news for Scalise. That’s bad news. David Duke says he has met with Scalise several times and vouches he’s not a racist. Yeah, that helps. You hang out with a racist who will now explain you’re not a racist. David Duke is threatening to reveal his other friends in politics if the GOP doesn’t lay off Scalise. Oh goody.

Again, Scalise says he didn’t realize it was a racist organization and that EURO is an“abhorrent organization.” OK, Steve. You went to a David Duke sponsored event and didn’t know it was racist. You’re from Louisiana. You know who David Duke is.

At this point his best defense is to say he went for the open bar.