Roughs, Volume 176

All of these were drawn last Friday, March 24. And all of these were drawn before the indictment was announced.

This is the first idea I drew for consideration for the CNN Opinion newsletter and they picked it…after I drew nine more. I think it came out pretty well.

I kinda liked this one but I felt it was bit outdated…especially now.

I liked this one too but Trump was put on my backburner last week which will be made up for this week (you should see all the roughs I’ve drawn on the indictment. Oh, wait. You will). Yes, this is a little inspired by a commercial.

Maybe I should have drawn this one. I know a lot of my clients would have published it.

This became a huge hit. It even got a few reprints despite the penis. I think the Sarasota News Leader made it their cartoon of the week.

This one was another hit. Who knew people on the internet liked dick jokes?

I still may do a version of this cartoon.

This would be better after Trump is actually being held in a jail cell or prison. I think that’s a long way off, unfortunately.

I made an official cartoon of this one and the love it received online surprised me. That song has a lot of fans. I know at least one of my clients ran it, Tucson Weekly. They rock.

I lied about all of these being drawn last Friday. This one was drawn a few weeks ago right after Norfolk Southern testified before Congress. As I was putting a rough from this batch into the Maybe Folder, I saw this one and thought that maybe its time has come and gone, so I can give up on it and post the rough now. That’s why it’s called a “maybe” folder, kids. I hate giving up on this one. There are still six more in the Maybe Folder and I think I’m gonna draw one of them tomorrow (Saturday morning).

This was a good batch for me as I got at least four cartoons out of it which is kinda amazing considering they were all drawn on the same day. I even withheld one from the blog (the one I might draw tomorrow).

So which of these are your favorites?

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Watch me draw:



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