Woke Scarecrows

Ron DeSantis, who hasn’t announced whether he’s running for president or not, is visiting Iowa because he’s running for president. He just hasn’t told anybody yet.

His excuse is that he’s on a book tour and every author’s book tour takes him or her to the Iowa State Fair. While he’s doing the meet-and-greet, kissing babies, and slobbering over himself, the one rule for reporters is: Don’t ask him any questions. He doesn’t do good with questions and thinking on his feet.

Ron DeSantis is untested on the national stage and the thing going against him is that he lacks charisma and is a total asshole. He’s smarter than Trump but he doesn’t know how to appeal beyond his hateful policies. But DeSantis’ speeches in Iowa are just like the one he gave in California at the Reagan Library last week. Woke this, woke that, I hate gays and immigrants, Fauci sucks, blah blah blah.

DeSantis paints Florida with its new hardline policies against gays and black history as a model for the world to follow…as he’s following the model set in fascist Hungary.

Nikki Haley has already been in Iowa and Trump will be there today. The race has begun.

Creative note: This cartoon was started at the Washington airport and finished at the Atlanta airport on very little sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you can’t breathe. Sorry for the short blog but I’m on a layover and have to catch a plane.

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  1. Duh’Santis actually thinks America wants what he is doing to Flori’duh! He is going to have to be “woke” soon because only a handful of people, relatively speaking, want to see a future with the United States of Flori’duh! What he thinks he accomplished in his home state will not be acceptable in many other places. People will not be lullabyed to sleep elsewhere.

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  2. You said it all in one sentence “Ron DeSantis is untested on the national stage and the thing going against him is that he lacks charisma and is a total asshole”.

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