Roughs, Volume 161

I had a pretty large work-related task yesterday and I kinda went into a trance while doing it. When it was completed, I realized I had spent four hours on it. I also forgot to post this small batch of roughs. There are eight cartoons here but only seven ideas. You’ll see.

This rough was number 1877. The next one is number 1989. That means I drew over 100 roughs before I used the cartoon idea. I drew this several months ago and finally made a real cartoon from it last week.

I liked this cartoon but didn’t do anything with it. I told you it is rough #1989. I’ve been numbering these things since I joined CNN in 2019. That means this week, I drew roughs #2000. You’ll see it next week.

This is true. And the MAGAt answer for this is that all the N-word users are Antifa. Antifa has become the Not-Me in the Family Circus cartoon. Damn, there’s a cartoon idea.

This is the one selected for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. I was very happy with the choice.

But first, it was with two elephants. Which one do you prefer, one elephant or two? Yeah, I know… more than one Republican is too many. We can let Count Von Count count them. And a one elephant, ah-ha-ha-ha. And a two elephants, ah-ha-ha-ha. I’m still getting over drawing him for yesterday’s cartoon. Check out the finished version.

This is a good one and I changed the last line to it. Check out the finished version.

I wrote this on the Thursday or Friday before the midterms and decided to save it so my clients could have it the day after the election. I know at least one of them used it the morning after. I think The Week waited until Friday. Check out the finished version.

I liked this one too but didn’t give it a lot of consideration.

Which of these are your favorites?

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Watch me draw:



  1. I liked your one-elephant version better, two implies two separate opinions, one implies to me that the same person is intentionally playing both sides.


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