Roughs, Volume 149

Your favorite goofy cartoonist was busy last week and drew, count ’em, 20 roughs. TWENTY roughs.

Alex Jones would have to buy it, right?

I’ve been meaning to do one on the recession and gas prices, but they’re both coming down. Maybe I should save this one but with everything else going on, I don’t know when I’d get to it. I do like it.

And this was before we found out about Trump “possibly” committing espionage.

I figured most people don’t remember or were ever aware of Alex Jones’ conspiracy that the government was turning frogs gay. What does a gay frog eat? Heeeeeee’ey. Wait. That’s gay horses. I messed that up.

There were too many cartoons on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan pissing off China that featured dragons. But I was bothered by the number of cartoons by liberal cartoonists blaming her for China being pissed off. I found them all to be kinda sexist. That’s what inspired this one.

I’m gonna try this again. What do gay frogs eat? Probably insects. I don’t know.

I pushed this one last week. See what I did there? Eh, you’re probably still trying to figure out the gay frog joke. Don’t hate on gay frogs. Gay frogs are frogs too.

This one became a real cartoon and I was surprised by how well it did with my liberal readership. Usually, they get a little snarly with me when I hit Democrats. But this time, most of them were with me and even the ones that agreed with the Democrat’s tactic here were kinda OK with the cartoon. I was even surprised that it wasn’t too subtle for most of my readers. I think there’s still one on Twitter waiting for me to explain it to him.

This was the first idea on the subject. It wasn’t good enough.


This wasn’t really good enough but fuck DeSantis.

I kinda liked this but was tired of Wizard of Oz references.

I didn’t think readers would get the troll living under a bridge reference here.

I saw a couple of cartoons that were kinda like this but I decided I didn’t need to say Alex Jones is lower than worms. We already know that. There’s nothing clever by merely saying Alex Jones is a horrible person. But, I do like drawing worms. Worms, much like cows, dragons, and gay frogs, amuse me.

This one sucks. There’s no excuse for it. It sucks.

And I like drawing Elvis, aliens, space, and Space Cat. This became a real cartoon. What does Space Cat eat? Probably space cat food.

This is the kind of cartoon I rough out but decides it sucks that would be a go for another cartoonist. Also, there’s Flood Cat. Fun fact: Cats are not very useful in floods.

And I like drawing lizard people. I didn’t think people would get this.

This is the rough that grew up to become the cartoon for last Sunday’s CNN Opinion newsletter. It did really well with the social media crowd.


Which ones were your favorites?

I drew 15 roughs this week and they’re all on Trump, the FBI search, and espionage. I already turned two into real cartoons and I kinda wanna do the rest. You’ll see them all by the end of next weekend.

One last joke: How are gay frogs not like Donald Trump? Gay frogs don’t commit espionage.

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  1. Clay, good toons. I keep thinking of the guy who believed Alex Jones about Pizzagate, that incredibly Hillary Clinton was running a child pornography ring from a pizza parlor in DC. He stormed the parlor loaded for bear and went to prison for four years for his inane action. Then there is the guy who raided the Cincinnati FBI last week, loaded for bear, as he was offended that the FBI raided the home of his idol. He was killed. Saying this loudly for all to hear – taking Donald J. Trump or one of his sycophants at his word is a fool’s errand. You could wind up in jail or dead. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alternately, you can publish a cartoon showing Republican recognition and praise of President Biden for gasoline prices falling upwards of a dollar per gallon in recent weeks. Just submit a blank panel.

    Liked by 1 person

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