Roughs, Volume 146

This is a pretty big batch of roughs, so get comfortable.

There are several ideas on abortion in this batch and I thought a couple were stronger than this one. I did consider making an official cartoon of this. I like it.

I liked this one too. I do believe every Republican needs to be nailed down on whether he or she would vote to ban abortion.

I was throwing ideas against the wall with this one.

I liked this one but I liked another on the subject much better, so I pushed this aside. I really liked the layout so I used it for another idea, which there is not a rough of.

I like this one too but I didn’t make an official cartoon from it.

I wasn’t sure about this one. I have ideas that I think are good, but not good enough.

I really liked this one and I thought it was powerful. But I wasn’t exactly sure how to draw it because I don’t like this layout. I did a couple others on the ten-year-old so I let this one go. I think it would have been more powerful the day after the story broke.

This is a joke I tweeted and my readers said they couldn’t wait to see me draw it. The thing is though, if I tweet it that means I wasn’t thinking about drawing it. I have turned a few tweets into cartoons after realizing they should be cartoons, and that I never should have tweeted the ideas. There have been times when I’m about to tweet out something snarky and then stop myself when I realize it could be a cartoon. I told my readers I wouldn’t draw this one, but I sketched it out just for giggles.

Fun fact: a few years ago, another cartoonist told me he took one of my tweets and turned it into a cartoon. I told him he stole my idea and he said, “No, I didn’t. I just took your idea and turned it into a cartoon.” I told him that was the very definition of stealing an idea. At the very least, he didn’t write his cartoon. I did. I don’t talk to him anymore.

I didn’t use this entire idea, but I used a portion of it in another cartoon.

This wasn’t great so I dropped it.

I didn’t like this one at all and it was drawn when I was getting desperate. I’m glad my editor didn’t choose it. I saw another cartoon with the concept later, which was better than this one.

I kinda like this one but didn’t go with it. Someone else will do it. Probably the Twitter-thief guy.

I did make an official cartoon from this and it went over with my readers and clients very well.

I thought this was OK and CNN considered it…

…but they chose this one. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with this one, not because of the idea but because I had already down a similar one for my clients. They’re different but with the same concept, an angry crowd yelling at Biden.

This was the huge hit from last week, until I drew my Josh Hawley cartoon…and until the My Pet Pence idea. But the day after pissing off a lot of my readers with a Biden/MBS cartoon, I did this one and all was forgiven. Haha.

A reader on GoComics, who told me they usually like my work, told me this was a total “miss.” If that’s the case, I wish all my cartoons were misses. I wish my brain could write all my stuff as weird as this one. Yeah, it’s silly and stupid…and I love it.

Next week’s batch of roughs is going to be tiny.

Which of these are your faves?

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  1. Lots of good ones in here, but my favorite is a toss-up between ‘Driving to Indiana’ and ‘Distracting the MAGATs’.


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