Roughs, Volume 144

Despite taking a week off from the CNN Opinion newsletter last week for the holiday, I still produced a few roughs.

There’s a newspaper guy in Ohio who used to be an editorial page editor in Mississippi who subscribed to my self-syndication back in the mid-90s. When I lived in Mississippi, I self-syndicated to papers in that state mostly on state issues. Anyway, we still keep in touch here and there, and last week, he invited me to be on an upcoming podcast of his. While doing so, he said he had an R. Kelly idea he knew I’d pass over. I told him I already had one and I’d be drawing it the very next day unless something else came up. Something else came up and I was never able to get around to drawing it. This is it.

I did enough on the Trump tantrum but I still kinda liked this.

This was my first idea on Akron police shooting unarmed Jayland Walker 60 times, but I’m not really a proponent of “defunding” the police. Restructuring? Hell, yes. Defunding entirely? No. My intended message here is that the police weren’t helping themselves from the defund argument by their actions, but I knew that message would get lost. Also, I wasn’t sure readers would be able to detect the lettering was in bullet casings…so I spiked this.

This was published last week and it went over really well. I was kinda surprised by how well it did on social media and I thought that would be the only place it’d be seen, but no. One of my clients ran it after July 4.

The most important detail to me that came out of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony wasn’t the Trump tantrum or the ketchup. It was that he knew his people were armed on January 6, 2020, and he still sent them to the Capitol. In fact, he wanted security measures removed to make it easier for them to get to the Capitol. So I focused on that first. When that was done, I went back and had fun with the ketchup. Ew, ketchup.

A lot of cartoonists did ketchup cartoons but my friend Chris Britt did a really good one that used the word “anticipation.” I got my idea before seeing his Trump Tantrum ketchup cartoon, but I wanted to touch base with him because that’s what we do. I sent him my cartoon and asked if it was too close. It wasn’t and he told me I should do this one. His cartoon said “lock him up” in ketchup with a title under it saying “anticipation.” So, yeah they weren’t the same idea, but I extend professional courtesy to my friends. Chris is a cartooning badass. You should see his roughs.

Which of these are your favorites, kids?

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Watch me draw:



      1. I’m tired of that song. Did you know that Richard O’Brien made it up on the spur of the moment ’cause they needed some more minutes? But what a segué! And nothing beats Tim Curry’s singing.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, back in 1973, RHS was originally written and staged in England; and there’s no antici . . . pation in either the advert or the song. So I’m still givin’ O’Brien the credit for that.


      2. Well, back in 1973, RHS was written and staged in England, and there is no antici . . . pation in either the advert or the song, so I’m stickin’ with giving O’Brien and/or Curry the credit.


  1. Sorry ’bout the repeat replies; the first one disappeared into the ether. I thought. The Heinz commercial came out in 1979, so there goes that claim.


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