SDX Award

Just as I did with the RFK Award, I’m posting it here in case this blog is the only venue where you follow me. I won the Sigma Delta Chi Award last night. This award is given each year by the Society of Professional Journalists.

I received an email a few days ago about the awards ceremony, but I got that just because I’m on their mailing list. I had intended to watch and thought it’d be crazy if I won. But I also thought that if I had won then I’d probably already know. I didn’t know.

I had a rather large spaghetti dinner early last night and it put me into a spaghetti coma. I recovered late enough to screw up my sleep schedule and found a message from my cartooning colleague Tim Campbell saying “Congrats again.” I replied, “For what?”. He said, “You won the SDX.” I said, “Are you sure?”. Since the awards were announced around 8 p.m, I think a lot of people missed it. I did.

This is crazy. I’ve never won one of the big ones before this year and now I have two. I could be wrong, but I think I have won more journalism awards this year than any other political cartoonist. That’s crazy. I’m Clay Jones…I don’t win awards. It’s also crazy that I join a lot of cartoonists I admire who’ve won the SDX, like Paul Conrad, Rob Rogers, Walt Handelsman, Mike Luckovich, Jen Sorensen, Mike Thompson, Chris Britt, Clay Bennett, Steve Sack, Matt Davies, and a bunch of others.

There are two winners of this award this year. I won for publications lower than 100,000 circulation (which is). Mike Smith of Greenspun Media won for over 100,000. So congrats to Mike.

Here’s the video portion of our winnings.

And in case you want to see the rest of my entry…



  1. I believe you truly deserve any accolades that come your way!! I’ve been enjoying your cartoons and blogs at least since KAP and KYRIE 10/15/2021. thank you

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  2. Huge congratulations! I learned about your work through Michael Moore’s blog and ever since yours are my favorite e-mail to read daily. Thank you for doing what you do and speaking with such an unfiltered voice on these issues. I’m with you 100%.

    My son is off to college to become a journalist (Univ of Maryland) in August, and I’m going to jump in to get Democrats elected in swing districts. Because, really, what else is there to do when rights are getting taken away? I live near San Francisco, but am going to go nomadic for a while to be able to travel wherever help is needed.

    Thank you for your voice! Awards well-deserved.




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