Roughs, Volume 135

What to the what-what? A mid-week batch of roughs? The thing is, kids, I totally forgot a week. I should have posted two Saturdays ago what I posted last Saturday and last Saturday I should have posted this that I’m posting on a Wednesday. It’s Wednesday, right? It’s very confusing to be me. This is not a large batch and it’s from…shit, I can’t remember. Fuck it. Let’s just read them.

This one didn’t really do it for me and I did something else on free college. I can’t remember what that was but I’m pretty sure it was better than this one.

I tempted my editor at CNN with this, but then we went with something else. I didn’t love this one anyway.

I totally forgot about this one and it’s too late to use it now because the trial is over. I should have gone with this one because the idea is my kind of crazy, but I didn’t think the issue was that important on that day. And, no. Marjorie Taylor Greene shouldn’t be allowed on the ballot since she helped terrorists try to overthrow our government.
“Shouting into AOC’s mail slot” sounds dirty.

I didn’t go with this one because I thought maybe he’s not overreacting. Jump, Leon!!!! Whos’ Leon? I don’t know. It just came to me. I’ve been watching a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

This is what I drew for CNN on that particular week and no, my readers didn’t like it. It got about seven shares on Facebook and I had people screaming at me for a week. But I’m OK with that. Scream away, kids. Scream away.

Anyway, kids, there will be a batch of roughs blogged this Saturday that were drawn last Thursday and Friday which I would be blogging the Saturday after next Saturday if I hadn’t posted this batch on Wednesday…I think.

Walk away slowly, kids.

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Watch me draw:



  1. A good set of drafts, Clay. I think you judge yourself too harshly. Most of these should have seen the light of day. As for the rent toon, I think you outdid yourself. But then, I’m not Ametican, am I. We Canadians have a fifferent sense of humour.
    But, senior citizens read your blog too, you know. We are not kids! I know you are just being colloquial, but after a while the “kids” gets almost pejorative.

    Liked by 1 person

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