Roughs, Episode 119

This will be the last blog of roughs for the next four weeks. That means you won’t get another until 2022. I’ll be taking the next four weeks off from CNN Opinion. Yes, that means you won’t see a cartoon of mine in the newsletter either for at least the next four weeks.


I actually drew two roughs of this one but figured you only needed to see the first one.


This idea may have been drawn by someone last Christmas so I didn’t go with it. Now, I’m seeing Covid Christmas ornament cartoons like crazy. Another reason I didn’t go with this one is that it sucks. But, I did get to use the angel on top of the tree in another cartoon last week.


I was amused but not enthralled with this one. Next!


I kinda like this one.


I did this one for my clients and two of my readers bought prints of it.


This is the second time I’ve roughed out this idea. If it looks familiar, that’s why. But, I did make the comparison in another cartoon.


Meh. I may not do a Santa’s lap cartoon this year.


I didn’t know if it was clear the guy was holding the book to the student’s head like a gun…or if it’d be clear to everyone, so I let this one go.


Even though I don’t like this cartoon very much, Donald Trump is still a major-league asshole.


I kinda liked this one and Laura, one of my cartoon proofers, dug it too. There was another in the batch that I really like and I’m holding onto it for when the ruling is announced several months from now.


I’m tired of coat hanger ideas. Other cartoonists, and even readers, aren’t there with me yet.


Meh. But I did do this cartoon before Mike Nesmith died. Speaking of, I’ve seen a lot of Mike Nesmith cartoons over the past few days which I find odd because I can’t tell you anything about that guy except he was a Monkee. They were never relevant to me.


I liked this one and I didn’t like it. But yeah, Lauren Boebert, like most of the Republican Party, is racist.

Update: I just found four more that didn’t go into the proper file for some reason.


This one was for the CNN Opinion newsletter.


This one amused me.


This one became an actual cartoon for my clients.


I didn’t love this one.


I didn’t love this one either.

Which one is your favorite?

Music note: I didn’t listen to any music while drawing these as I can’t listen to music and think at the same time. When I draw roughs, I’m thinking.

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Watch me draw:



  1. The Monkees were never relevant to me either, but Nez was a pioneer in several ways. Take the time to research him for as little as 10 minutes and you’ll discover he had A LOT more going on than being a Monkee. Heck, it ran in his family; his mother invented Liquid Paper! Don’t discredit Mike, he had it going on more than the other 3 Monkees combined.


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