Oops. White People Did It Again


Did you know in Wyoming, the state where Gabby Petito went missing, that over 700 indigenous people, over half of them women, went missing over the past decade?

Did you know over 50 percent of missing person cases involving a white individual gets news coverage while only 30 percent of missing indigenous people is covered?

Did you know over 11 percent of indigenous people are found within a week while 50 percent of white people are found in that time span? You do now.

And I know it now too as I wasn’t aware of any of that until a white blonde social media darling went missing.

Mary Johnson, a citizen of the Tulalip Tribes in Washington state went missing ten months ago. Last week, ten months after she went missing, the FBI offered a reward for information about her disappearance. Why did that take ten months?

Mary’s older sister said, “If that was a little white girl out there or a white woman, I’m sure they would have had helicopters, airplanes and dogs and searches.” And why shouldn’t she believe that? She believes that because it’s true.

John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted, is doing everything he can to help police capture Gabby Petito’s fiancé, who’s a suspect in her homicide. Oh yeah. Gabby’s body has been found. Gabby’s disappearance will be examined on Walsh’s other show, “In Pursuit with John Walsh.” Maybe John Walsh has covered the disappearance of non-white women, but Gabby has definitely leaped over a LOT of non-white people who went missing before her. Maybe his show should be called, “In pursuit, if the victim is white, with John Walsh.”

Why is there a greater emphasis to find a missing white woman over non-white women? That is definitely racism. I guess part of white privilege is that if we’re murdered, they’ll probably find our body quicker than murdered darker skin people. We get taxis, promotions, less hassle at airports from TSA, and our discovered corpses.

Why is there greater media coverage for missing white people than for missing non-whites? That is racism but also ratings. But, why do missing white people bring in greater ratings than missing non-white people? Maybe Gabby’s coverage is because she was a social media personality while also being cute and blonde.

And I’m just as guilty as anyone else with this because I did a cartoon on Gabby before I even knew about the missing indigenous women. I wasn’t even aware of this issue until the journalists, whose shoulders I stand on, reported it. Now, it’s getting more coverage. But, when I did my last cartoon comparing the concern for Gabby to concern for Haitians at the border. I got screamed at by a lot of white people. This latest cartoon is on Twitter and already, I’ve been screamed at. Stop telling us things we don’t want to know!

This is not to downplay the tragedy of Gabby Petito. It’s to bring awareness so maybe other missing women receive the same attention and awareness as Gabby. I’m being accused of ignoring the abuse of a white woman by people ignoring the abuse of non-white women.

I’m not saying we should stop trying to end abuse of one some women while ignoring that of others. Can’t we help all of them? Can’t we at least stop ignoring women who need our help?

Meanwhile, we’re still talking about freeing Britney.

Note: I accidently reversed the states in the third panel. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, it was caught and I corrected it. Sorry.

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  1. In western Canada runs a highway through the northern reaches. It is called the Highway of Tears. Indigenous persons, mostly female, have been going missing along that highway for over 20 years. Mostly our national police service, the great Royal Canadian unMounted Police, call them runaways. They can seldom be bothered to investigate. But let a white person go missing, and serch teams with helicopters and hundreds of volunteers, including indigenous people, go out looking for them.
    But there is no racism in the RCMP, nor in Canada! All people are treated the same. Yup.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yep!! Missing white woman syndrome!! … “Did you know in Wyoming, the state where Gabby Petito went missing, that over 700 indigenous people, over half of them women, went missing over the past decade?”


  3. Good post…such a shame this white supremacy in our country..the racism and apathy towards the non white. Then it’s all over the world as well…will it ever change?


  4. It will change, Mary, given enough time, because in a global world we are going to interbreed more and more. And that goes for all races. As each generation comes of age, people will choose more and more to join with people not of their own race or colour, because they can see that people are just people under their skin. I hate to say it this way, but love does not choose what colour of person to love. The more the races intermingle, the more we will interbreed. It is only common sense.
    I think this is why the older generations THINK they have to have racial purity, because they know it is inevitable that the blending of the races must happen. (I don’t mean all older people don’t want or accept the future, a lot of us do. It is the older-thinking people I am talking about, the racists and those with superiority complexes. And they can be quite young.)
    What I love to see, there are more and more mixed-race couples every generation. It is only a matter of time… And having that time!

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    1. Oh I have always felt this too. The way out of all this racism in the long term is basically time and all of us becoming one race..one blended color..one people…it will take generations, as long as climate change doesn’t end it all before this has succeeded.


      1. Generations, but they go by quite quickly. If you count by twenty years per, I am in my fourth generation now. The number of mixed couples I see are more than four times what I saw as a child/teenager. Hope might not be as hard to come by after all. If we survive…There are times I think we should not…

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