Slippery Putin


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This cartoon is not about President Joe Biden slipping while walking up the stairs to Air Force One. It’s using the trip to make another point. Back in the day when cartoonists were less tribal, a presidential tripping could be used in a cartoon and it wouldn’t matter if the cartoonist was liberal or conservative. Now, liberals don’t want to mention it and conservatives claim it proves Joe Biden suffers from dementia and his health has drastically fallen over the past two months. Never mind the fact President Biden’s foot was in a cast a couple months ago.

Cartoonist hack A.F. Branco (the “F” stands for “Fucker”) drew Biden going up the stairs in one of those chair lift thingies. He probably got the idea from one of the thousand Facebook memes I saw of the same idea. We can expect to see several more like this from Branco’s comrades. But hey, at least it’s one day where they’re not drawing something racist or in support of terrorists.

Cartoonist Ted Rall is not a fan of Biden and he jumped on the trip up the stairs also. Ted is a Bernie Bro and spent the entire campaign attacking Biden. While he has never supported Trump, the bulk of his attacks were on Biden. Ted has adopted the Russian narrative that President Biden suffers from dementia and is feeble. Republicans have echoed Putin’s talking points out of tribalism and lacking any patriotism or loyalty to their country, but Ted literally works for Putin as he draws cartoons for Sputnik, a Russian state-owned propaganda outlet.

And it is a Russian narrative that Biden is feeble. Even after Biden called Putin a “killer” Putin wished him “good health,” which was partly continuing the narrative and another way of saying, “That’s some nice health you have there. It’d be a shame if something happened to it.”

President Joe Biden tripped walking up some steps. Putin’s critics have a habit of tripping off buildings. Also, they trip and ingest poison.

This cartoon is for CNN. I plan to draw another cartoon on Putin for my clients. I’m probably done with President Biden tripping…unless he does it again.

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  1. I’ve used similar stairs to get on planes before, and the steps can be pretty steep. Compare that to when Trump needed help going down a gentle ramp form a stage. If you wanna call Biden feeble, ok, but then Trump gonna look worse.

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    1. Maybe it’s a dumb tradition, going back to Gerald Ford tripping as he boarded a plane. Someone said he couldn’t “walk and chew gum.” I thought they were attacking him for pardoning Nixon so quickly. But then Nixon became extremely ill, and he might have become a martyr if he uad been prosecuted.


  2. I used to read Ted Rall, but he became too repetitive. You knew he disliked W., Obama, and drone strikes, but he would beat that horse forever.

    Even his Bernie cartoons were not exactly endearing. He didn’t seem to like anyone. In text remarks, he sympathized with Afghan civilians and refugees, but in the art, I swear, everyone looks like a damned scoundrel.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Jeez!! … this couldn’t happened to anyone!! Indeed, I remember when Pence tripped! … “This cartoon is for CNN. I plan to draw another cartoon on Putin for my clients. I’m probably done with President Biden tripping … unless he does it again.”


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