Roughing It, Volume Eleven

Here are a few roughs from the batch sent for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. It was kind of a hard topic as they ran an edition on what readers did during the summer. I wasn’t sure I gave them what they were looking for, but between the time that I drew the cartoon and when it ran, there was another shooting which seemed to justify the cartoon.


I threw this one at them before I knew what the topic was. I thought it was OK.


I kinda liked this one.


I did this on the assigned topic but they felt it was too dark.


And this was run-of-the-mill for me. Meh.


And this is the idea we eventually went with. I liked it. They were concerned it overlapped with a cartoon I did for them on shootings two weeks before. So, I drew a few other versions of this cartoon just to change the angle and delivery. None of them worked as well as this one and they finally settled on it.

Before they finally made a decision, I sent them one more. They also said it was dark.


So which one is your favorite?

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  1. I like the kid in the cage.

    This thing’s a little smeary, but hey…

    All the best, Carol Green 305-812-2300 *Humanity thrives in kindness.*

    *LIFE AFTER BIRTH* *my original cartoon commentary, * *runs on *

    *”Weeds are flowers too, **once you get to know them**.”* *– A.A. Milne*

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  2. The best was the caged kid. Editors generally don’t understand that edgy humor usually comes from a dark place. Also the little clansman made me laugh out loud. Maybe counseling will do the trick.

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