Roughing It, Volume Ten

Hey, kids. I don’t have that many roughs to share with you today. These are from ideas pitched to CNN last week, and I eventually created three cartoons from that batch. That only left five to share with you. Here we go.


I was riffing with the “chosen one.” I thought this was just OK. I forgot to finish his tie.


I liked where this one was going. I had a few other ideas on how to tweak it. I almost drew it but other issues kept popping up. It never ends.


I liked this one too but there are just so many shots I can take on one issue.


Since the newsletter was going to be published during the G7 Summit, I thought this might fit even though I wasn’t in love with it.


I almost drew this one, but it didn’t really light me up. I do like sharing it in this form because it shows you just how rough these things can get. Yeah, that’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders talking to Sean Spicer.

Which of these is your favorite?

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  1. 45* and Vader: “Donald, I am your father.”
    That would explain a lot.

    “I almost drew it but other issues kept popping up. It never ends.”
    Fear not, Clay, even if you have to wait 20 years to draw this, it will still be relevant.

    Grandpa in the attic: Love It!!! Draw it anyway!

    “Trump’s Here”: This would only work if it was a gif (a la Ann Telnaes) with the Golden Light shimmering and a background audio of a Heavenly Chorus.

    “I do like sharing it in this form because it shows you just how rough these things can get.”
    Any time you have to draw SHS and SS it is ALWAYS rough.

    Hope this helps!😉

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