Will The Real Ambassador Please Stand Up?


This cartoon was first published on February 22, 2019, in The Costa Rica Star.

Costa Rica is just one of the many nations refusing to recognize Nicolas Maduro as the president of Venezuela, and instead recognizes his opponent, Juan Guaido. As Costa Rica gave Maduro’s ambassador to that nation 60 days to vacate, Guaido’s ambassador went ahead and moved in. No one is sure how she got the keys.

Costa Rica’s government was annoyed by this as they wanted the new ambassador, Maria Faria. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “For the government of Costa Rica, such a procedure is unacceptable because it damages basic diplomatic norms of respect and trust in relations in the international community, and above all, in international law.”

Maduro’s Foreign Minister issued their own statement in a tweet, which was a bit juicier. It said, “What thieves, this morning a group of strangers entered the headquarters of the Venezuelan embassy in Costa Rica. The government of that country must enforce the Diplomatic Relations Convention and guarantee the operation and safety of our personnel and facilities.”

Creative notes: I couldn’t remember the name of the game show I wanted to use in this cartoon, but did recall it was used at the beginning of the film, “Catch Me If You Can.” So, I had to Google that. I have never been much of a fan of game shows.

Update: There was a typo in this cartoon that went unnoticed by me and my editors for over a week. Someone with an eagle eye on Twitter spotted it. Ugh.

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  1. The TV program in question was To Tell The Truth. As I recall, another “panel of experts” show from Goodson & Todman, who were noted for this type of show.

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