Native Suppression


One political party wants as many Americans to vote as possible. The other wins when fewer people vote. That should tell you who to vote for.

The Republican Party doesn’t just discourage more Americans from voting, they work to suppress votes. From cumbersome voter ID laws to tricks like moving places where black Americans can get photo IDs, providing the wrong address to list on the IDs of college students, to removing minorities from voter rolls, to moving voting locations outside city limits, to invalidating thousands of Native Americans in North Dakota, Republicans cheat.

In 2012, fewer than 3,000 votes decided the Senate election in North Dakota and sent a Democrat to Washington. Republicans who run the state decided they can’t allow that to happen again, so they changed some rules. They targeted the Native American citizens of their state who tipped the scales and sent Heidi Heitkamp to the Senate.

Native Americans who live on reservations in North Dakota don’t have street addresses. The Post Office delivers to P.O. boxes so that’s what’s on their IDs. The state made a new law that for an ID to be accepted for voting, that it must have a street address. The Supreme Court upheld it refused to overturn it. Last week, Native Americans sued the state in U.S. District Court to prevent the law from taking effect in counties with reservations, the judge denied their request.

He expressed concerns in his denial and wrote, “The allegations in the complaint, the motion for a temporary restraining order, and the attached affidavits give this Court great cause for concern. However, a further injunction on the eve of the election will create as much confusion as it will alleviate.”

So, confusion is a legal standard? Confusion is a greater threat than suppression, greater than denying voting rights? I’m confused.

The real irony is that Native Americans have to prove to descendants of immigrants that they’re eligible to vote in this nation.

Republicans, who are already lying about the issues and their positions, don’t want honest elections because fewer Americans vote for Republicans.

You and I need to vote. We’re not just voting for ourselves. We’re voting for those Republicans are suppressing. I wrote it last week but I’m going to say it again.

To win, we need more of us to participate honestly than there are Republicans cheating.

Live Blog

I totally forgot to remind you, unless I did and I forgot that. Just like I did for the 2016 presidential election, I will be doing a live blog this Tuesday on Election Night. If you’re new to my work, you may be asking, “what’s a live blog?” That’s a great question.

The live blog consists of me drawing cartoons as results come in and the ideas enter my brain. It’s like doing improv. Nothing is written beforehand and I’m kinda out there naked on a limb and nobody is saving me. It could be great or terrible. When I look back at these, I see some cartoons that I think work liked magic and others; too many, that were terrible. The night can contain hits and misses.

If you subscribe to the blog, where you get an email for each new entry, you might hate me by Wednesday morning as your mailbox is going to fill up. So, this is a warning. That said, I don’t know how many cartoons I’ll draw. It could be as few as six or as many as 20. I also have no idea how late I’ll go. I’m sure there will be a lot of races undecided by the time the sun comes up. I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee throughout the night.

There may be a video of the cartoons afterward. I am planning to make one long video for all the cartoons, so strap in for that. But, each cartoon should be drawn pretty quickly. These things are going to be rough.

So, for those who don’t subscribe, refresh the blog throughout the night on Tuesday. The updates will also hit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Wish me luck.

Be Complicit
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  1. I’ll be there! The whole voter suppression bullshit just pisses me off, separating children from their parents pisses me off, stealing from Americans and lying to them on a continuous loop pisses me off, 45 and the GOP are vomitous snakes; you guessed it, they’ve pissed me off since 45 got on his shit train ride to the White House. Clay you can surprise and make me laugh…I’ll be there!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I am so damn disappointed in the “liberals” on the Supreme Court. Only Ginsburg and Kagan could look at that ND law and see that it was obviously written to keep Native Americans from voting– a racial exclusion which they had disallowed before. Maybe they think that applies only to African Americans. They sure as hell don’t think it applies to Democrats or anybody else kept from voting by restrictive policies for no good reason.

    It’s not enough that the GOP gets a boost from the bias toward less-populated states. (Our county has nearly 1 1/2 times the population of Wyoming, but we don’t get two Senators or three electoral votes.) They have to cheat like demons on top of that, so we need to get at least 10% more votes than they do just to break even, and more than that to win.

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