Butt In Georgia…


Republicans cheat.

While Republicans like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham scream about the Democrats’ thirst for power, they ram through a Supreme Court Justice without a thorough background check on the guy, after they stole a SCOTUS seat and lowered the number of votes needed for confirmation.

While they scream about imaginary illegal immigrants and dead people voting and the sanctity elections, they ignore Russian meddling and work to suppress the votes of minorities.

Republicans in Waller County, Texas have been trying to keep students at Prairie View A&M University from voting since the 1970s. While the county is almost 60% white, Prairie View is a historically black university with nearly 10,000 students.

Students are allowed to vote where they go to school, whether it’s Prairie View or Harvard. Students at Prairie View were given two university addresses to use for voter registration. Then, the county changed their mind and said all of those registered at the “wrong” address wouldn’t be able to vote.

When Democratic congressional candidate Mike Siegel sent a field director to the county courthouse to deliver a letter demanding the county update the status of students, he was arrested for “disturbing the peace.” This was after the arresting officer asked him which party he was from.

In North Dakota, about 2,300 Native Americans were just prevented from voting. Many Native Americans in North Dakota can’t have mail delivered to a physical address (because the U.S. postal service does not provide residential delivery to their rural Indian communities), so they use post office boxes. Those addresses are on their IDs. North Dakota and the Supreme Court has agreed, that if a physical address is not on the ID, then they can’t vote. This is why we don’t want Republicans putting people on the Supreme Court.

In Alabama, the state shut down DMVs in rural (mostly black) communities, forcing residents to travel to get IDs. This has since been reversed, but the cheaters tried.

In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams is running for governor against Republican Brian Kemp. Abrams is the first African-American to win a party nomination for the seat in that state.  At this point, polls have the race in a dead heat.

But, Georgia’s Secretary of State has put over 53,000 voter registrations on hold, citing a stupid “exact match” verification policy. The “exact match” policy holds that a resident’s voter application must replicate the information on file with the Social Security Administration and the state’s Department of Driver Services. So, if there’s one slight difference, say a hyphen in a name or the address uses “road” instead of “Rd,” then it’s flagged or put on hold.

Did I forget to mention that Georgia’s Secretary of State is…wait for it…Brian Kemp, the Republican running for governor?

Republicans cheat, even in red states where they have the advantage. Republicans hold all three branches of government despite representing fewer Americans than Democrats. Republicans need to cheat with fuckery like gerrymandering and voter suppression to actually win. It’s the only way it works for them.

If you’re an American citizen, you should have the right to vote. Nobody should get in your way. You shouldn’t have to go through an obstacle course to practice your constitutional right. I swear, for a bunch of “constitutionalists,” as they claim they are, Republicans sure seem to hate the document.

If you are unsure, or just to be sure, go to vote.org and check your registration status. Don’t be surprised on Election Day at the polls because you never know if some Republican hasn’t screwed with your life while you were sleeping, or he was distracting you with some other bullshit, because Republicans are bastard covered bastards with a bastard crème filling.

If you care more about imaginary crap like illegal immigrants and ghosts voting and have no concern at all about suppressing the votes of minorities, you’re a hypocrite and a racist. Get off your ass and vote, and don’t get in someone else’s way while you’re doing it.

Creative note: Yes, I have done the peach/butt gag twice before. Once last July and another time last year. Maybe now I’ll get tired of it.

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  1. LOL! No background checks! Rammed through! hahahahaha! Stole a seat! Dude, do you do stand up? Because you are hilarious!! Seriously, you need to go find an open mic night because you are fun-ny!


      1. I can understand that, if you get all your information from somewhere like Fox News or Sinclair Broadcast, that first para might seem a little strange. However, if you could bring yourself from time to time to use a reality-based news outlet instead, you might find the para made a whole lot more sense.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Lol you mean those other unbiased networks that have been proven to have negative coverage 90% of the time? Just because you don’t believe it ,doesn’t mean it’s not true. Maybe YOU should go watch something a bit more balanced


      3. Actually, I don’t know that it’s a BS response. Has it never occurred to you, as I was politely trying to point out, that some things get a bad press not because of press bias but because they’re bad?

        And don’t call yourself a “normal;” your use of the insult makes you sound stupid or 12 years old or both. The reason you can’t have “civilized discussions” with liberals is that you insist on trying to shove palpable untruths down other people’s throats.

        Sorry: lost patience there for a moment.

        Liked by 1 person

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