Ayatollah Thanos


Did Thanos kill you?

Warning: This cartoon may contain spoilers. What? You already read it? Sorry.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a presentation this week claiming that his nation’s intelligence network has lifted documents proving Iran has lied about its ability to build a nuclear weapon. The problem with his presentation is that we already know that.

Yeah, Iran lied, but the international community took that into account when it negotiated the deal with Iran that prevents it from building a nuclear weapon. If anything, Netanyahu gave further reasons for Donald Trump not to pull the United States out of the deal. If Iran has the technology and knowledge to build a nuclear weapon, then why kill a deal they haven’t violated that prevents them from building a weapon?

The International Atomic Energy Agency issued a statement this week saying Iran hasn’t been active since 2009 in developing a nuclear weapon. U.S. intelligence, which Trump ignores, agrees. The problem here is that proven liar Trump listens to other proven liars like Netanyahu, Sean Hannity, and Fox & Friends.

The only reason Trump wants to kill the Iran deal is that it undoes Obama’s legacy. Trump is clamoring for a Nobel Peace Prize because Kim Jong Un has winked at him, but calls a deal that actually prevents a rogue nation from building nukes stupid.

Netanyahu made his presentation for an audience of one, Donald Trump. He hates Obama almost as much as Trump does. The hatred for them lies with the fact that Obama is smarter, better looking, more accomplished, more popular, and just an all-around better human being than those two men combined, and it eats at them daily.

Have you seen Avengers Infinity War? Normally I wouldn’t have seen a movie the weekend it came out. But on Saturday friends dragged me out to see Black Panther figuring it’d be nearly empty with everyone else at Infinity War. One of my friends has a history of dragging his ass, and he continued the tradition by making us late to Black Panther, so we went to see Infinity War. Somehow on short notice, we got in.

Shout out: My friend and former colleague at The Free Lance-Star, Dave Ellis, posted the Thanos link on Facebook. It gave me this cartoon idea. If anything, I spoiling the movie for you is Dave’s fault. That bastard. I can give you his number if you wanna yell at him.

Here’s the video.

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  1. “If anything, I spoiling the movie for you is Dave’s fault. That bastard. I can give you his number if you wanna yell at him.”

    C’mon Clay, do you really think your readers are shallow nerd fanboys of Marvel movies?

    Damn straight we are.

    But we are also shallow nerd fanboys of Claytoonz, so you and your friend Dave get a pass.

    May the Farce be with you. 😉

    (PS “FARCE” is not a typo.)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m sorry, but so-called leaders like trump, net-and-yahoo and putin really does not say much for the rest of the human race.
    Right now, none of those idiots is doing anything about the climate change crisis that is here now.
    Anyone who had the misfortune to have scheduled their dream vacation to Hawaii in late April this year where one of the islands got over 50 inches of rain in 24 hours saw what climate change really is.
    I have a long-time friend who has a family and was lucky enough to have a nice house gifted to him by his in-laws. He was living in southeast Texas for years with not much to worry about and I had even emailed him to ask him if he was concerned about Hurricane Harvey. Said he wasn’t. Couple of days later he lost everything to the storm. He and his family are okay but still recovering.
    There are no global efforts to stop climate change. So what are the priorities of the human race?
    To start wars where ever there is a chance to make a lot of money off of them or to save the planet?
    To constantly let sub-humans like trump, putin and others like them into power really makes the human race look very stupid.

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  3. I thought this was hilarious! I saw Avengers: Infinity War this past week & I was so confused at the end. I have more about this, but I’m gonna email you. Because I can.

    I’m only letting you know in case it ends up in the spam folder. There aren’t any errors I caught, & I’m mostly doing it so you have my email address. Plus, that way, I can make sure you aren’t hiding from my stalking efforts. LOL 😉 😛

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